IKEA Time Travel

Susan here to share a fun video with you. This post is sponsored, but my opinions are my own. IKEA is a shopping experience unlike any other. Their unique layout sends you winding through a […]


Marriage and Other Tragedies - BatDad

A few months ago, we discovered and shared with you a hilarious new web series called Marriage and Other Tragedies. These web videos are created by a New York father/actor to give all of us […]

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Marriage and Other Tragedies

Laughing at the hard times makes everything a little better. Actor and Dad, Gregory Abbey, has parents laughing at their troubles with his new web series Marriage and Other Tragedies. I especially loved this episode […]


crappy pictures

Last year we gave Crappy Boy a particular gift and he really didn’t like it. I didn’t really like his reaction but it wasn’t a case of him suffering from appreciation deficiency. It was the […]


Fake coupons with Scissors

This humorous guest post is from Meg Sparwath at Perfect Zen Woman. Coupons are not my friends. They taunt me by merely existing. The ad section of the paper sits, unused, silently reprimanding me for […]

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Mommy At Heart review

I love finding new, fun products that celebrate moms and motherhood. Because when a woman becomes a mother, we don’t lose our sense of humor (all of you moms out there know we wouldn’t survive […]


Jennifer here- I have been watching The Three Stooges for almost my entire life. From the time I was old enough to be interested in television, I have snuggled up with my family to watch […]

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With today being Flag Day, some patriotic strawberries seemed appropriate.  I first found these colorful, beautiful berries on Pinterest along with some other fabulous Flag Day ideas and creative ways to use blueberries and strawberries […]


Next month, my husband and I celebrate our 17th anniversary. As hard as married life is, we have often commented to each other that going back to the dating scene at our age (we just […]