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Good Night Anti Snoring 310

I love my husband dearly, but there is something occurring in our marriage that is really coming between us. He SNORES. Not just a little snore, but the big, loud, terrible snores that keep me […]


drink-up obama longoria

We were compensated for sharing this information, but as always, our writer’s opinions are solely her own. Continuing her effort to encourage healthy habits, especially in children, First Lady Michelle Obama has joined the Drink […]

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4 Ways To Maximize Your Workout Routines 4 Ways To Maximize Your Workout Routines

You did it! You found a routine that works with your daily schedule. You are putting in the time at the gym or at the running trail. But after a few weeks you feeling like […]


UPDATE: Thank you everyone for joining us to share our love for pasta at this #PastaFits Twitter Party. We had an awesome turnout and we appreciate each of you who chatted with us during the […]

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GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms — combining the genes of separate organisms to engineer a new one. According to the documentary makers of the GMO Film Project, not only are agro-chemical companies like Monsanto (Agent […]


Eating well is important to me.  I’ve seen some of my older relatives struggle with health issues that – to be honest – they could have easily avoided were they to eat fewer cookies and […]


Post image for Steel-Cut Oatmeal from Jamba Juice

Just over two weeks ago I was in LA for an amazing pop up fitness blogging event with Jamba Juice for their Live Fruitfully campaign. This is my first of three posts, which will focus […]


In an ideal world the harshest things to ever touch our babies would be kisses, kittens and rainbows. In the real world, though, toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients abound, and are all too easily absorbed […]


Hands Under a Running Faucet

I’ll be honest… I’m a germ freak and I’ve passed it on a little to my kids. But, the good thing is that Jackson is probably the only 9 year old boy who begins play […]


Weight Loss Tips - Winter Weight Off

I don’t “diet.” Yes, there are times when I am more disciplined and focused on what I eat and how much I exercise, but I am careful to not have a diet mentality — a […]