going green

Lolli here… On January 1 of this year, my county instituted a law that all shoppers must come to any type of store with their own shopping bags in hand or have to be charged […]



Guest contributor, Amanda of High Impact Mom, weighs in on helping kids to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You are never too young to be conscious about the effect your decisions make on the Earth […]

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Raindrops on my flowers

Hey ladies, this is Amber here. Earth Day falls in April. In honor of the holiday, many of us spend this month thinking green. But living lighter on the planet isn’t just for Earth Day. […]


Julia 1.5 years old

I wish I were more Green. I hate chemicals and I hate ruining our planet, so I’m trying bit by bit to turn a little greener each day. And thanks to our new sister site, […]