You can basically stick anything between two flour tortillas and it will be a delicious snack, lunch, or dinner. I have tried everything from a BLT in a quesadilla, to pinapple and banana in a […]


If you’d paid attention to Twitter, Facebook, store ads and commercials, you know what time it is: BACK TO SCHOOL! With two kids who will be “school kids” this year,  I have been trying to […]


This is my favorite time of year! Our farm’s fresh melons are starting to be big and plump enough to pick. We have watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. I love finding cold Summer treats that utilize […]


With today being Flag Day, some patriotic strawberries seemed appropriate.  I first found these colorful, beautiful berries on Pinterest along with some other fabulous Flag Day ideas and creative ways to use blueberries and strawberries […]


This is one of those days that I’d love to be sitting outside with a cool Spring dessert, unfortunately our weather has been less than cooperative. Jumping from a chilly 60 degrees one day to […]

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When the world wakes up from winter, I start craving cool, fresh things like salads and smoothies. I also cringe because frequent leg-shaving weather is fast approaching, but the sight of a smoothie like this […]


Broiled Grapefruit

by NikkiG

Broiled Grapefruit 1

Last week was tough. The weather was bitter cold. We were all sick and confined to the house. On the rare occasion we left, it was to stock up on cough syrup, soup, tissues, and […]