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It shouldn’t hurt if your family doesn’t seem to fit the standard mold. A family is defined by love more than anything else. I’m proud that my girls are growing up understanding that what a […]


Lesley, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, shares her insights on the 2014 Subaru Forester Family Rally. We were compensated, but all opinions remain her own. Subaru Canada wants families to experience the adventure and adrenaline […]


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I am a working mom. Yes, yes …. my kids have spent their entire life in the care of someone else. I’ve struggled with the mom guilt and the “missing outs” and all the other […]

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5 Minutes for Mom contributing writer Kelli weighs in on the discipline dilemma. Parenting is a tough job! It was a crisp autumn afternoon and I sat at the park watching my children play happily. […]