Develop a Consistent Exercise Routine

Ask The Domestic Life Stylist Lisa our resident fine living expert answers your questions each Thursday. Submit a question here. If you are a blogger, this is a great chance to have us feature and […]


5 Minute Fitness Tips

We would all like to be in shape and eating healthy right? But sometimes we are so busy, that we let eating healthy and exercise be what is pushed to the back burner.   Here […]

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What do you and this Olympian have in common

I’m sure not an Olympic Athlete. Heck, I’m not athletic at all. But I have something in common with many athletes… I can benefit from athletic sports tape and there’s a good chance you can […]


playout card game 350

Post was written by contributing writer Marya Mesa. She was compensated for her time but as always all opinions are the writers own. Playout: The Game is a card game that will encourage your family to […]


SpiderTech Tape

Susan here… I’m no athlete, but I’ve now got something in common with many of them. Before I explain, I have to say that when the chance to review SpiderTech athletic sports tape came in, […]


4 Ways To Maximize Your Workout Routines 4 Ways To Maximize Your Workout Routines

You did it! You found a routine that works with your daily schedule. You are putting in the time at the gym or at the running trail. But after a few weeks you feeling like […]


Walking for Exercise with Young Children Walking for Exercise with Kids

After my third daughter was born, I knew I wanted to get myself fit again.  The problem was how.  I couldn’t afford childminding for three children so I could go swimming.  I couldn’t take all […]


Gymagogo Homepage

Jennifer here, to share with you about a wonderful new online product I discovered, Gymagogo, that lets you work out online with others in the comfort of your own home. We were compensated to write […]



This post was submitted by Kim Crossland. Being stuck in an office can be a drag. No matter how much you love your job, sitting behind a desk for hours at a time, doing work, […]


Easy Exercises for Busy Moms

This guest post was submitted by Kathy Glow from Kissing the Frog Spring is an insanely busy time in any house with ball games and practices, dance recitals, school programs, and end of the year […]