Disney D-Lightful

Dinner time can be really entertaining at my house. We might not eat the most gourmet meals, but we definitely enjoy our time together. Our biggest challenge? Making sure that we set aside family meal […]


I’ve noticed a funny thing about kids (and I don’t think my kids are unique in this) – the older Jackson and Olivia get, the more active they become. And the more active they become, […]


When Jackson and Olivia come home from school in the afternoon, they are famished. They run through the door practically begging for a snack. I would love to be the kind of mom who had […]


Girls will be girls, which means sooner or later your little lady will want to begin experimenting with make-up. Disney-inspired make-up offers magic and whimsy to inspire girls while offering safe, age-appropriate products moms can […]


Halloween is officially over, but if your house is anything like mine, you’ve got buckets full of candy left from the holiday. Jackson, Olivia and I adore Halloween, and I admit that we love candy […]


Hands Under a Running Faucet

I’ll be honest… I’m a germ freak and I’ve passed it on a little to my kids. But, the good thing is that Jackson is probably the only 9 year old boy who begins play […]


Week 6-Making Bathtime Fun

My son Jackson started having showers instead of baths at a crazy early age. He discovered he liked the shower at the swimming pool, so I turned into the only mother with a 2 year […]



My son Jackson was once a vegetable, fruit eating machine! I eat a ton of fruits, raw veggies and salads, and my son would devour a plate full of raw veggies almost every night before […]


Halloween is just around the corner and that means candy! How do you get your family to take care of their teeth after snacking on treats? Week 4: Taking Care of Your Chompers This week’s […]

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Disney sandwich bags

I have to admit it – packing my kids’ lunches every morning before school is not one of the highlights of my day. I know that it’s important to give my kids healthy options, but […]