digital photography

Dwan Perrin, author of MommaDJane, has a nice camera but has never taken a photography class to improve her skills and move out of auto mode. She is guest posting today with an amazing opportunity […]


As much as I love taking pictures, I have to admit that I still struggle with taking pictures with my camera’s built-in flash. Flash is necessary in many cases, but it’s so tricky to get […]

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Summer Photography Series at 5 Minutes for Mom

Today our Summer Photography Series is going to focus (pun intended) on the 3 elements of photography that we have discussed over the last three weeks – ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed – and how […]

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overexp after 032910

Photoshop Elements is open on my computer nearly every day and I can’t imagine life without it. But complete cluelessness dominated the first months and even years that I used the software. In retrospect, I […]