Sometimes you can’t lug around a heavy DSLR… for instance when you’re zipping down a wire, hundreds of feet in the air surrounded by tree tops. So when I was ziplining on my recent “Girlfriends’ […]


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hand. Whether it was my dinosaur-aged Polaroid, my point-and-shoot, my DSLR, or my iPhone, I’ve put in more lens time than I […]


Summer Photography Series at 5 Minutes for Mom

In my ongoing quest to become a better photographer, I have found that one of the key steps to getting better results (whether you have a simple point and shoot or an expensive SLR) is […]


I met Gayle from Mom and Camera at a photographer’s getaway in San Francisco earlier this year. Not only is she a mom to three gorgeous girls and a handsome boy, but she is a […]


Nikon D300

Crissy Page is a work-at-home writer and photographer, as well as the voice behind Dear Crissy, a blog that features poignant glimpses into her life as a Midwestern mom. Crissy has worked previously in photojournalism, […]


Jaimie Bowman

If you have been following blogs for any amount of time, you may notice a common trend: many mom-bloggers are also photographers. Have you ever wondered if you should “take the leap” and turn your […]


Moms, our children grow up fast!!!! Our photos and videos will be the memories we have of our children at every stage of their lives, from their first steps, to their first day of high […]

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Have you ever been out and about, and your little one does something so darn cute? You scramble for your camera — but you can’t find it anywhere in the abyss that is your purse. […]

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