Are you concerned with your own or your children’s privacy online? Online privacy is a hot topic for mom bloggers, no matter what their niche. Do you share your kids’ names or do you use […]


Has blogging become a full time job for you? A time-consuming hobby? Many bloggers start their blogs as a hobby – a way to document their lives and share pictures with friends and family. Often, […]


kmart design

Okay, this is embarrassing… In fact, it’s so embarrassing that we weren’t even going to publish it. We laughed and laughed as we watched it over and over, but we thought it was a bit […]


Susan and Sophia

Janice and I often ask other mom bloggers what their lives as busy moms-who-blog really look like. How do they do it all? When do they fit in time to blog? Do they view it […]


Jenny on the Spot - BlogHer10

She has star power. She has that “it.” She even has glitter. But if it weren’t for VIDEO we might never have known… How Jenny on the Spot used Video to Become a Bloggy Star […]


Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, is a star. She has the most successful — and stunning — blog in the momosphere. And her achievements don’t end online. Ree also has an incredible marriage and idyllic […]


kmart design

Being a mom is CRAZY-HARD!!! Seriously… it is beyond what anyone can ever describe. And it doesn’t seem to get easier… We Moms MUST somehow force ourselves to take time for US and look after […]


Meredith Sinclair from Hoo dee is simply fabulous. Not only is she a fabulous vlogger, but she is funny, smart, and stunning! (Hanging out with Meredith was one of my BlogHer 10 highlights!) Meredith […]

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kmart design

Janice and I are continually impressed by the work of Kathy and her Women’s Apparel Design team at Kmart Design. In this 2 minute video Kathy tells us all about the Attention and Route 66 […]

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Mary Mendez

I’ve always wished I were a scarf girl! I’ll see women wearing fabulous scarves and wish that I had the confidence to add similar flair to my outfits. So I asked Mary Mendez, the Design […]