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The Countdown is on The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 starts on Friday and we don’t have time to tackle anything else at the moment! We are neck deep in photo shoots, party food, blogtinis, and […]

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Tackle It Tuesday

If you recall, about 7 months ago I shared the news that we were moving to a new house. My family and I were SO excited and thought we possibly had found the house of […]


I have to admit that my purse ends up looking like a black hole of mystery. I realized that I needed to clean out my purse after I reached in to grab an ink pen […]


Ultimate Blog Party

UBP Prize Submission Form YES – We are still accepting prize submissions… but HURRY! Get free advertising when you submit a prize at the Ultimate Blog Party 2013. During the Ultimate Blog Party 2013, we […]


The Ultimate Blog Party is brought to you in part by… THE PARTY HAS STARTED –> Click Here to get to THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY 2013 Watch this quick video to find out more about […]