For the last several weeks, we’ve been learning and sharing with you about the life-changing work that Right To Play is doing in West Africa. In case you need to get caught up, here’s recent […]


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We live in a world of extremes where we fantasize about the lifestyles of those with more and we try to look past the suffering of those with less. It’s not our fault we’re in […]


Last month, ONE Moms traveled to Ethiopia to help share stories of hope and resilience. ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising […]


We all know how important it is for children to play. But where do you feel it ranks in importance for children in developing countries? Even though we know kids need to play, 95% of […]


Level The Field

The essence of childhood is play. The ability to step into an imaginary world and make believe is a gift we hold only for a few years until it disappears into the reality of grown-up […]

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Have you felt that tug at your heart this week? This week has been amazing for the 10 mom bloggers in Kenya. If you followed the posts, you  know just a glimpse of the tragedy […]


It is a whirlwind week for the 10 mom bloggers currently in Kenya with activist-group ONE.  Are you following their #OneMoms Tweets? What these ladies are seeing and learning is changing their hearts and impacting […]


This post originally appeared on and is part of the #ONEMoms Trip to Kenya. Tuesday, July 26th, Nairobi, Kenya Today was our second day focused on health, particularly women’s health, and we learned many […]


Travel time – 20 hours. Kenya appeared before their eyes and excitement rose in their hearts. The 10 #OneMoms completed their first day of visits and have much to share. Monday was focused on education […]


Moms, we can change the world! We can make a difference! Bloggers making a difference By joining together with ONE, moms are raising awareness to help Africans have medication, food, education and a better life. […]