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5 Minutes for Special Needs

5 Minutes for Special Needs I guess you could say that 5 Minutes for Special Needs is a type of club. A club where everyone is welcome. A club where living, learning, and loving is celebrated while we share, support and strive to offer some inspiration here and there.

And know that I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say,
“Welcome to the club!” “You’re gonna love it!”

5 Minutes for Parenting

Parenting We don’t think twice about getting lost in the eyes of a child, but we must not forget the wondrous scenery from the view of a Mother. Take a moment to enjoy the voices of real Moms and their true stories of figuring this parenting thing out. We may be from different walks of life and circumstances, but we’re all in it together.

5 Minutes for Going Green

Going Green Going green is not a destination–it’s a journey. Together we can do a little bit each day to sustain our planet and clean up our lives, because even a small change can make a big difference. Our world is a gift, and taking care of it can be fun, fulfilling and easier than ever. No matter where you are at in life, or in this journey, green looks good on everyone.

5 Minutes for Books

Books At 5 Minutes for Books, we hope to encourage you to carve out time for that really great novel, or to point you to that much needed resource for guidance in parenting, marriage, or children’s books. Join us for book recommendations and giveaways for all ages, exclusive author interviews and other regular features.

5 Minutes for Faith

Faith As a mom, it’s easy to get so caught up in the everyday care of our family that we let our own needs go. One of the big things that seems to just slip through the cracks is daily quiet time with God. We understand that moms are very busy, so at 5 Minutes for Faith you’ll find quick, daily devotionals, that offer support and encouragement through Biblical principles … all written by everyday moms just like you.