Mom 2.0 Summit

The Mom 2.0 Summit 2010 is coming up soon… Feb 18-20.

Susan and Janice had a blast at the 2009 Mom 2.0 Summit and interviewed more than 25 influential speakers and attendees!

We published many of the interviews in the weeks following the event, and now as we all gear up for the 2010 event, we are releasing some fantastic interviews that we saved until now.

Make sure you check back often as we continue to add more video interviews!

And look for Susan at the Mom 2.0 Summit 2010, she’ll be vlogging during the event and would love to interview you.

FEB 18-21, 2010
Houston, TX

What Is The Mom 2.0 Summit?

“The Mom 2.0 Summit is a place for marketers, mompreneurs and social media enthusiasts to get to know one another. A place to connect, converse, and build relationships.

This year’s Summit discussions will focus on social media, marketing, networks, and brand building. We will explore what those relationships mean and how we all contribute to social media and our ever-shrinking worlds.”

Oh, to be a Shutter Sister
Tracey Clark

Motherhood Uncensored
Kristen Chase
Cool Mom Picks

Secrets to Powerful Product Reviews
Barbara Jones
One2One Network

Allison from Petit Elefant
Allison Czarnecki

How to get a book published…Go to the park?
Katherine Center
author, Everyone Is Beautiful

Her Bad Mother
Catherine Connors

Is Your Blog a Good Fit for Product Reviews?
Julie Marsh
Cool Mom Pics

Have You Saved THE Date???
Carrie Pacini
Mom 2.0 Summit Co-Founder

Are companies learning how to market to Moms?
Holly Buchanan
The Soccer Mom Myth, author

Are you a "Soccer Mom"? Am I a "Soccer Mom"? Is anyone??
Holly Buchanan
The Soccer Mom Myth, author

Ciaran Blumenfeld (aka Momfluential) Video Interview
Ciaran Blumenfeld
Francie Pants

This Blogger Lost Weight and Gained a Career!
Esther Crawford

Who is Alpha Mom?
Isabel Kallman

Meet Chris Mann
Chris Mann

Maria Bailey Thinks Moms are Ahead of the Internet…
Maria Bailey
Mom 3.0, author
BSM Media

Guy Kawasaki Reveals The Secret Code To Marketing
Guy Kawasaki
Reality Check, author

Gwen Bell Talks About Marketing to Moms
Gwen Bell

Barbara Jones Video Interview (Part 1)
Barbara Jones

Twin Work at Home Moms x2
Kris and Kim

Video Interview with Laura Mayes
Laura Mayes
Mom 2.0 Summit