November 2012

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We live in a world of extremes where we fantasize about the lifestyles of those with more and we try to look past the suffering of those with less. It’s not our fault we’re in […]


by Adrienne May The moment you tell your kids, “You cannot have any more Christmas candy” or “No more cookies for you,” they’re going to start dreaming in gingerbread men and candy canes. So in […]

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I don’t smile in pictures much. The reason is because . . . I hate my teeth. No. I’m not superficial. Yes — I know beauty comes from within, but a beautiful smile can make […]


My daughter Caroline has a lot of shoes for someone who has only been on this earth for 23 months, mostly thanks to hand-me-downs from friends. Unfortunately for me, she’s not a fan of actually […]


Wordless Wednesday - Ford

Last week, I published an image of Jill Amery’s youngest son, Hudson. But, fair is fair, and her older son is just as adorable. So, I had to show him off to you as well! […]


Let’s get this out of the way. I usually drive a minivan. I love my minivan for lots of reasons but being “fun to drive” is not one of them. So, when I got the […]


This time of the year is my absolute favorite time of all. In my home, there is always some type of holiday baking going on. In fact, the tradition in our home is to invite […]


  Trying to find toys that my one year old likes to play with can be difficult. All the normal toys that my other two liked as babies he just isn’t into. So when Kushies […]


Tackle It Tuesday

On Monday morning, I woke up to a winter wonderland. Our first official snow fall of the season. It started Sunday when I was awaken early morning by my husband – he knows that snow makes me smile.  I […]


At the end of September, my family and I ventured to Chattanooga, Tennessee. I had never been before, but I have heard how gorgeous and alive this city was. My family and I really had […]