June 2012

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“Until you know who you are, you will never know if you are who you want to be.” …The Galahads Janice and I are so lucky to have our own business. It means that we […]

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What a Pregnant Needs and Doesn't Need To Hear

{Guest post from Danielle Herzog at Martinis and Minivans.} Disbelief. That was the first emotion I felt when my pregnancy test had a “+” sign on it. I was in such disbelief that I actually […]


Lolli here… Recently, took myself out to the salon and got a haircut. I came home feeling like a new person – fresh, sassy, and with soft, sweet smelling hair. I felt great for the […]


Jennifer here- I love Jif peanut butter. It has always been my choice because of the flavor, the company integrity, and the price. I use it not only to make peanut butter sandwiches, but I […]


Susan and I love attending BlogHer every year. It’s the one major conference that she and I can attend together. We love meeting new faces and reconnecting with friends past and of course, always finding […]


Michelle Pfeiffer, Director Alex Kurtzman, Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks - People Like Us

Lolli here… I find it fascinating to discover “back-stories” – to find out how a person ended up where they are today or why someone ended up taking the path that they did. I’ve already […]


Post image for CoolSculpting-Let’s Get Naked Giveaway

This summer, I had some of my fat cells frozen off with CoolSculpting. I have seen fabulous results in my tummy area thanks to this treatment. Seeing that CoolSculpting has worked so well for me, I […]

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Does Pinterest help you see things in a new way? We want to see your pins. Link up your favorites below… Thumbnail Linky Pinterest doesn’t allow Linky Tools to automatically pull the image, so to […]

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no tv

{This guest post from Ginny at Lemon Drop Pie.} It happened in a moment of anger. “No TV for a week!” my husband blurted out to my two daughters. They had been misbehaving, and this […]


Lolli here… Every once in a while, a movie sneaks up on me and completely catches me off guard. People Like Us was like that for me. I knew the basic story line before I […]