January 2012

Earlier this month, we shared with you about a new resource that we were introduced to that helps special needs children with their education. PCI Education has been offering top-quality education products and services for more […]


Be sure and scroll to the bottom of the post to find out how you can enter the giveaway package valued at over $169! Cold and flu season. I’ve talked about this before. Spring can […]


I am always looking for fun t-shirts for my boys. We live to be comfortable so we are definitely looking for soft fabrics that hold up to the lifestyle of a 3 year old and […]


Tackle It Tuesday

Have you ever discovered something so simple…so easy….yet it totally revolutionized a daily task? I had that experience this past week. The best laundry tip ever Like Janice and Susan, I’ve been spending quite a […]


Okay ladies — confession time: Do you have a list of things that you know you SHOULD do, but you don’t? You may try to do those things on your list. You may even do […]

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Recently I was told about a little boy named Kyle. He’s 4 years old. He loves fish, sharks and whales, like any other little boy. But most importantly he is in urgent need! Kyle has aplastic anemia, a blood […]

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Chinese New Year is a very important and traditional holiday for many. It is a “spring festival” of sorts –kind of like Spring Break. It marks the end of the winter season with a festival, […]


There aren’t many fruits I can pull out at a play date and be relatively sure everyone there will eat them. The Cuties are one of those fruits. We wait all year long for them, […]


This week 5 Minutes for Books reviewer Elizabeth takes a look at 2 new books that are taking advantage of the dystopian craze in YA literature (equally enjoyed by adults) that Hunger Games did not […]


I’ve already told you about our fun interview with Ted Danson and Dermot Mulroney, but it was our first interview with the smart, savvy and very fun Kristen Bell that started the day off on […]