June 2010


You all are so awesome… Just a few hours ago, we found out that the Rayovac Facebook page link that we’ve been sharing as part of our campaign with Rayovac was changed! And at first […]

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Wordless Wednesday - Jackson

What you get when you ask an eight year old boy to smile. Last week, I featured my two year old Olivia’s smile. This week, well, Jackson isn’t quite smiling… But it still makes me […]



…You can name these candies. No, they aren’t M&M’s, they are… And yes, “Me! I hold myself!!” will always end up in two year olds spilling them on the ground. P.S. In case you are […]


Twitter Party

Rayovac Powers Your Summer Twitter Event We want you to party with us Twitter-style on Wednesday night! We’re talking summer fun… Join Rayovac and 5 Minutes For Mom for a Twitter Event to support the […]

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Tackle it Tuesday

What are you doing this summer? Most of you Americans are well into your summer vacations, but up here in Canada, as well as some of the Pacific Northwest, we haven’t started summer yet! Not […]



Depth of field (DOF) is perhaps the most mysterious of camera basics. A simple definition for DOF would be what’s in focus or sharp in the scene and what isn’t. Wikipedia further defines DOF as […]


Over the last decade or so, I’ve amassed a sizable collection of children’s books, for which I’m truly grateful. While most tend to be the standard picture book fare, a small part of the collection […]


5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere

Welcome to our weekly roundup here at “5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere”. As you know, you can come back all week and add a post or giveaway to our Mister Linky. Be sure to check […]


God's love to people

I grew up with God. He was as much a part of my life as was my family. In fact, as a child, I often wondered how other children fell asleep at night without God. […]


Ice cream

I was just reading one of Janice’s recent posts over at Cascadian Farms and it got me wondering. Janice shared that her biggest weight loss/weight maintenance challenge is: “stopping eating when it tastes too good! […]