October 2008

Blue Chocolate Cushie

A couple of years ago I learned how to quilt and soon made a special blanket for my two children. When I got pregnant with my third, I started on his blanket, but I was […]

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My excitement about the trip has finally overcome my nervousness, but this video says it all for me. There is a need (there are lots of needs), but at the heart what we’re going to […]


Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday — to generously use the term, “holiday.” As a Christian, I always feel a little guilty celebrating Halloween traditions. (I actually even try to avoid using the word “celebrate.” I […]


*** VOTE ON THE FINALISTS NOW *** The economy right now is no fun. Trying to stretch the budget to cram in enough groceries to feed our families? Definitely not fun. BUT, as moms we […]


Health professionals recommend getting 10,000 steps per day for fitness. Do you know how many you are taking? One of my favorite exercise tools is my pedometer, which only cost $15. I clip it on […]


Last year, I stayed home. It was pouring rain and Olivia was only a couple weeks old. A full day adventure to the pumpkin patch with Jackson’s kindergarten class was hardly tempting under such circumstances. […]


It isn’t often that a girl can find a pair of 3 1/2 inch heels that are actually comfortable. In fact, the mere thought of 3 1/2 inch heels makes me long for my Crocs. […]

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Our Winning Sleeping Angel

by Erica

sleeping angel 18 amy

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter and also vote in our Sleeping Angel Photo Contest sponsored by Home & Bedroom Furniture. See all the Finalist Photos here. Congratulations to our […]


Halloween Butterflies??? Really – cute is all that matters. Sophia is on the left, Olivia is on the right. P.S. – No, Sophia isn’t chewing on an early Halloween treat. The girls wouldn’t stop eating […]


Just One

by Jennifer Donovan

On Sunday, I leave for the Dominican Republic for the Compassion Bloggers trip (check out the cool countdown to the trip widget! It links to the DR bloggers’ page where you will be able to […]