July 2008

Grab your camera – or search your archives – it is time for another photo contest here at 5 Minutes for Mom! This time we are celebrating summer fun with our sponsor The Skinny Cow, […]

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BlogHer brings together bloggers who are at all stages of their blogging journeys. It’s this variety that created fascinating conversations as we mingled at the parties. Janice chatted with the Rookie Moms who have been […]


There are some definite bonuses to this blogging thing. The swag is celebrity-cool! As you all know, the PR firms just clamor to get their products in front of you powerful moms. And I just […]


On the Birthday

by Jennifer Donovan

Stephanie is musing about the birthday over at 5 Minutes for Parenting. Not only THE birthday (since her baby is due any minute), but birthdays in general and how what we want and what we […]


Sorry, I am 50 minutes late! I couldn’t decide on a photo. This is a shot of Olivia from a few weeks ago. But it is already so dated — she now has seven teeth! […]


Flowers for Evan

This afternoon, when I picked up Jackson from bike camp, I brought my camera. But I wasn’t planning on taking pictures of him. No, I was on a much different kind of photographic mission. With […]


When my son was around a year old, my husband and I waited in anticipation for his first steps. And when that day finally came, we were thrilled, to say the least. But it didn’t […]

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Tackle it Tuesday #114

by Janice

Hi Tacklers! This is Janice here. As you faithful TT tacklers know, our resident tackler Carolyn, who took over hosting TT for me here at 5 Minutes for Mom, has been struggling lately with depression. […]


Bloggers know that bloggers live for comments. But what’s in it for you? Why should you invest a few keystrokes and leave a comment? Of course, there’s the warm fuzzy you earn by making a […]


By the pool side at Guy Kawasaki’s, I broke into a crowd of bloggers and found out all about Happy Katie. I was impressed with her blogging longevity — she’s been at it for seven […]