July 2006

Carnival of Beauty

Paul is at his best. In chains, he triumphs. Imprisonment and torture have not weakened his spirit, but strengthened it as he joyfully shares the suffering of Christ and advances the gospel. Reading Philippians is […]


Blogging Chicks Carnival

It is Saturday afternoon and I need a nap. All week I build a deepening sleep deficit and by Saturday I am desperate to catch up. But my husband is indulging in a golf game, […]


Cabana Life

Here at “5 Minutes for Mom”, we promise to bring you the best – and Cabana Life definitely qualifies as some of the best! Cabana Life, founded by skin cancer (Melanoma) survivor Melissa Marks Papock, […]


Tour of Homes

by Janice

Oh – I am so glad you stopped by! Welcome to our home. I know you have so many places to get to today, but I hope you can come in for a quick visit. […]


Thursday Thirteen

Banner by Chaotic Home My niece Julia (Susan’s daughter) is adorable. If you don’t believe me, just scroll down and check out her big blue eyes in my latest Wordless Wednesday. But, she is a […]


Wordless Wednesday – Julia

by Janice

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It’s Carnival Time…

by Janice

Carnival of Beauty

It’s almost time to visit the Carnival of Beauty. Remember Wednesday is Carnival Day. The Carnival of Beauty is hosted this week by Mary @ relevantblog.

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Works for Me Wednesday

by Janice

works for me wednesday

Low Fat Summer Treat This tip is not inspired, creative or unique. But it totally Works for Me! So in celebration of what works for me, I present my tip on indulging without indulging. If […]


Tackle it Tuesday

Project to Tackle: Freezing Berries I blew it. In June, I planned to freeze 50+ lbs of strawberries for a Tackle It post. BUT, I procrastinated. Instead that week I think I cleaned my van. […]


Carnival of Beauty

The Beauty of Blogging I didn’t know what to expect. When I first ventured into the blogosphere, I had no idea what I was doing. Where do I go? How will I meet people? Will […]