Last month, ONE Moms traveled to Ethiopia to help share stories of hope and resilience. ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising […]


I have been sick since school started. My daughter entered kindergarten this September, (my oldest is in fifth grade,) and I have been sick ever since! The first cold knocked me over before the second […]


When I started my art teaching career thirteen years ago, I had very little knowledge about the autism spectrum. It was not something that my university prepared its graduates for at that time. My second teaching position […]


“Don’t just hork it down! Geez — chew it slowly.” ~ Remi from Ratatouille I laugh hysterically every time I watch that movie, because Remi is a rat after my own heart! Honestly, I am […]


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That was my daughter’s words to me a few months back. I kept telling her to STOP eating so much salsa and chips, and she in turn told me that she was not eating anything, […]

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Is Cheating Ever Allowed?

by Jennifer Sikora

Well. . . . It might be if you’re talking about food! In fact, I will be the first to admit that I am a serial cheater when it comes to my food. When I […]

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Acne sucks. At any age. There’s nothing that can rip out your self-confidence and kick it to the ground, like staring in the mirror and seeing pimples staring back at you. You want to hide. […]


Lolli here…. Raise your hand if you find yourself snacking a little more often than you should. I’ve definitely got my hand raised. My biggest weakness is snacking while I’m at my computer (which is […]


I am not a “rules” kind of person. As a mom, I tend to bend more than I even make. But there is one rule my kids learned early and rarely break — we wash […]



“But she is my little sister Mom,” my ten year old son rationalizes his taunts and teasing, “I am supposed to torture her!” I sigh. Yes, siblings have probably teased one another since the days […]