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That was my daughter’s words to me a few months back. I kept telling her to STOP eating so much salsa and chips, and she in turn told me that she was not eating anything, […]

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Is Cheating Ever Allowed?

by Jennifer Sikora

Well. . . . It might be if you’re talking about food! In fact, I will be the first to admit that I am a serial cheater when it comes to my food. When I […]

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Acne sucks. At any age. There’s nothing that can rip out your self-confidence and kick it to the ground, like staring in the mirror and seeing pimples staring back at you. You want to hide. […]


Lolli here…. Raise your hand if you find yourself snacking a little more often than you should. I’ve definitely got my hand raised. My biggest weakness is snacking while I’m at my computer (which is […]


I am not a “rules” kind of person. As a mom, I tend to bend more than I even make. But there is one rule my kids learned early and rarely break — we wash […]



“But she is my little sister Mom,” my ten year old son rationalizes his taunts and teasing, “I am supposed to torture her!” I sigh. Yes, siblings have probably teased one another since the days […]


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Did you know it’s National Tire Safety Week (June 3 – 9)? I’ll be honest here… I’m not very interested in cars. All I really care about is that my car is safe and gets […]


Like me, you might wonder what exactly “peakbagging” is. It’s a goal of reaching the summit of mountains in a certain region or having certain characteristics. In the case of Patricia Ellis Herr, she and […]


It’s no secret that I am not the most organized person in the world. In fact, I loathe organizing. I love the end results from it, but I cannot stand the actual process of getting […]


Liza here… I had the amazing opportunity this week of getting to speak with basketball star Shaquille O’Neal’s mom Lucille O’Neal and Lorrie Wolfe, who was just named America’s Most Inspirational Mom by the Boys & […]