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  The time has come to make the winning announcements of the Name Our App contest. went over every single entry and chose the name that best suits their app. While many of the […]



Lands’ End’s Popular Cyber Monday 12 Hours of Twitter Event is Back! Great Values, Great Trivia and Great Giveaways Every 10 Minutes – and a Power Hour! Back by popular demand, Lands’ End is hosting […]


Name Our App Contest

I don’t know about you, but I am always taking videos of my kids on my Iphone. In fact, right now I think there are about 6 videos on my phone that I need to […]


Disney Animation Studios

Have you ever wondered what life is really like in the 100 Acre Wood!?! Today, 5M4M contributor Christie O. takes us on a walk through behind the scenes of the of the 100 Acre Wood. […]



The Situation It is Saturday afternoon. My nine year old son is on the couch watching Star Wars — for the 983rd time in his life. I ask him to take out the dog and […]


Power Rangers Samurai

More than just action, the Power Rangers promise parents that they will deliver positive messaging to kids… The Power Rangers are still at it — kicking and fighting their way through the bad guys, working […]

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“Santa is on the phone!!!” Eyes lit up in wonder. Minds overwhelmed with the magic. Santa is real! This Christmas, we want to give you the chance to treat your children with their very own, […]



My son is only eight years old, but he has already started to ask me when he can get a Facebook page. While I can assure him that an eight year old doesn’t need a […]


Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

It is the mom blogging conference month! And Blissdom is kicking it off! Today, I am honored to be on the Community Chest panel “Learning from Community Powerhouse Sites”. Our panel moderator: Holly Hamann (Blog […]


Happy Birthday Jesus - Really Woolly

It is easy to lose our focus on Jesus during the “holidays.” But Dayspring has created a fun, interactive way for kids to celebrate Jesus this Christmas through an online Happy Birthday, Jesus! party. The […]

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