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Post image for 5 Family Fun Spring Activities and More from Double Day at Parents Connect

Today, in the middle of our #UBP12 partying, Susan and I doubled up our party fun and hosted the Double Day Party over at Nickelodeon’s parenting site, ParentsConnect. It was a busy week for sure […]

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE my apps! I am always looking for the newest, coolest app for my phone.  And have I mentioned I’m a little obsessed with the weather?  OK, maybe […]

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Pin It Do you use StumbleUpon? Janice and I haven’t been the biggest stumblers, but we’re trying to change that. If you’re like us, you might find that you’re so busy managing your user profiles […]


It’s no secret. I’ve fallen hard for Pinterest. This is our fourth week of Pin It Friday and I’ve looked at every pin and followed all the pinners from our first three weeks. Join us […]



There is nothing “new” about New Year’s Resolutions. Every year, people make and break the same promises. But, can the Internet help you meet your New Year goals this year? It is no mystery why […]

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I love listening to online streaming music. It’s just so easy to turn my tunes on and listen while I work. It somehow helps me to get “in the zone”. My kids also love listening […]



How is your holiday wrapping going? Get ready to feel sorry for me… Not only have I not started to wrap, I haven’t finished shopping yet! And I am still at my desk working. This […]


  Hey guys! We just wanted to take a minute and tell you about TJ and Pals special freebie that they have going on for the next two days. TJ’s Art Studio is one of […]


Santa is a big deal around here, as he is in a whole lot of households right about now. I’m hoping that he stays that way for a long time. With children in first and […]


Earlier this month we shared with you about a company that we were introduced to. We immediately fell in love with their brand and how wonderful their video sharing website is.   Too many times, […]