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I came across a funny post the other day that deals with two fascinating questions in a blogger’s life: What would happen if your blog just disappeared? What does the non-blogging world really think about […]


I am still wiping away the tears… I just read this hilarious column by Rebecca Sherman called “The Conniption Chronicles: The Road to Kindergarten” on Rebecca’s musings on her son’s impending entrance to kindergarten […]

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A funny post in a blog called Breed ‘em and Weep got me thinking about room sharing. She talks about studies that say “that siblings who share a room as kids tend to be much […]

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There is a reason has over 10,000 incoming links – Heather can make her readers laugh out loud and, for some of us, pee our pants on occasion. (But after giving birth, we really […]


Finslippy – I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you this girl can write. There are a few names that show up consistently on blogrolls. Finslippy is one of them. A […]