If you are ever in a contest for a kid’s favorite person, here are two surefire ways to win: 1. Get them a Polly Pocket® Zipline Adventure Pool or two. Get them Princess Ariel’s Floating Fountain. […]


I am a deal seeker junkie. I will be the first to admit it. In fact, I probably aggravate my friends to death, because they are always telling me about a “great deal” they got […]


by Sarah Normandie Do you have a young child that has trouble falling asleep? If so, you’ve got to check out the latest all natural sleep time solution- the Shnoozle. The Shnoozle is a back […]


Here we are just about 12 days away from Christmas and I am scrambling to finish my shopping! I am honestly freaking out because I have waited so long to get any done. I am […]


My kids will do just about anything I want to get a certain gift for Christmas. This is a time that my momma mode kicks in and I start plotting of all the things I […]


There is the ongoing joke among parenthood that once you have a third child, you’re lucky if that child has shoes on their feet, clothing that matches, or a single picture in the family photo […]


The holidays are just a few short weeks away and I honestly have been cramming like a mad woman to get everyone on my list taken care of. Oh the joys of motherhood! Thankfully I […]

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I love when companies get behind a cause and jump in with both feet! Hasbro is one of those companies. When they heard we needed toys for our Under the Tree program, they offered to […]

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Smart Toys

I’m avoiding the malls this year. I’ll be browsing gift guides from my blogging friends in our Gift Guide Link Up and keeping an eye out for deals on sites like our 5 Minutes for […]


  Trying to find toys that my one year old likes to play with can be difficult. All the normal toys that my other two liked as babies he just isn’t into. So when Kushies […]