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By now we’ve heard about the enormous amount of benefits in making your own baby food. It’s economical and you know what’s going in your child’s tummy. From prepping the ingredients to food storage, playing […]


I have three kids, so I know diapers. I even think I know some clever diaper changing tricks. Yes, I’ve totally done the whole change the squirming baby on the floor so I can (gently but […]


The holidays are just a few short weeks away and I honestly have been cramming like a mad woman to get everyone on my list taken care of. Oh the joys of motherhood! Thankfully I […]

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When I was small, I remember how cool it was to be able to have something personalized. Having a name like Liza was pretty rare when I was a kid and lets just say there really […]


Any parent can attest to the fact that we seem to be always buying shoes for our kids. Their feet just grow so dang fast! It’s next to impossible to keep up. Twice in my […]


My daughter Caroline has a lot of shoes for someone who has only been on this earth for 23 months, mostly thanks to hand-me-downs from friends. Unfortunately for me, she’s not a fan of actually […]


This time of the year is my absolute favorite time of all. In my home, there is always some type of holiday baking going on. In fact, the tradition in our home is to invite […]


  Trying to find toys that my one year old likes to play with can be difficult. All the normal toys that my other two liked as babies he just isn’t into. So when Kushies […]


Tired of seeing saggy pants? Check out Dapper Snappers! This GENIUS product consists of a short piece of suspender elastic with snaps that fits in the back 3 belt loops of the child’s pants and […]


Like many other moms, before I got pregnant I had dreams of having a cute diaper bag.  You know, something trendy, purse-like, and perhaps with a matching changing table pad.   My diaper bag dreams ended […]