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Can I admit right here (probably to the shock and dismay of many) that although my daughter is almost 12, and my son just turned 6, they’ve never had a hand held gaming system? Amanda […]

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Well it’s Groundhog Day, so Happy Groundhog Day to you all. In case you missed the news, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and declared six more weeks of winter. I am not too thrilled with […]



Call the kids, grab a controller, and get some family fun time with an Xbox 360 Elite! Do you have gamers in your household? I have one gamer in the making — my eight year […]



I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. In fact I listen to her Fearless cd so much, that my three-year-old son can sing along to pretty much all of her songs. It’s actually really cute. […]



Does your child have a Nintendo DS? Last fall, Nintendo sent my son Jackson a Nintendo DS Lite so that we could review various games. Jackson was six at the time, and had been begging […]

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My boy Jackson is a handful. He is an active, testosterone infused seven year old who is long on energy and short on impulse control. Raising him is as exhausting as it is entertaining. But […]


Have you met Parker? He is the precious and medically fragile 4 year old boy whose smile blesses our 5 Minutes for Special Needs home page. Parker’s list of medical challenges seems endless, as do […]


Blogs Can Change Lives post, you’ll feel the love for all these children… and a few will especially stick in your mind because of the multiple nominations they received. It is awesome to see how […]


Take LEGO®, add BATMAN™, and put them together with PLAYSTATION®, and you have a seriously cool hit with young gamers! Can you hear the screams of happiness from my son? Can you see him flipping […]

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Tomorrow is the last day to nominate a child to receive a PSP® (PlayStation Portable) system. With your help, we are going to find TEN kids who are dealing with serious illness and periods of […]