As each of you busy yourselves creating fantastic must-read blogs, a simple blogroll cannot keep up.

Our Readers Blog DirectorySo we have created our extensive blog directory to help promote each of your blogs.

As much as we’d love to have each of your blogs in flashing lights on our home page, there just isn’t enough room. So after much consideration, we’ve decided to move our short ‘blogroll list’ — which includes some of the sites that were so kind as to link to us in our early beginnings — here to this page and to remind everyone to please visit Our Readers’ Blogs Directory to make new and lasting blog friendships.

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Regular Contributors to “5 Minutes for Mom”

We are hugely grateful to the following bloggers who contribute regular feature columns here at 5M4M.

Regular Contributors to Faith Lifts

The following bloggers keep our sister blog Faith Lifts running. Faith Lifts is a Christian community blog and if you’re a Christian blogger and you’d like to contribute Faith Lifts, please contact us.

Faith Lifts was created by Heather from Especially Heather. Unfortunately, due to Heather’s recent diagnosis with cancer, she has had to step down from running Faith Lifts.

Lundie from Lundie’s Life graciously stepped in to fill Heather’s shoes and keep Faith Lifts running. We are so thankful for all the help Lundie has provided and continues to provide to keep running this great ministry that Heather started.

Super Active Commenters at “5 Minutes for Mom”

If you also are super regular about commenting here and you feel you belong to this list, please send us an email. Please note that you should have been commenting highly regularly for several months before we’ll be able to add you here. Otherwise this list will get way too long.

Early Supporters of “5 Minutes for Mom”

We thank the following bloggers for supporting 5M4M in our earliest days.