Video Interviews with Your Favorite Bloggers

Janice and I, along with our entourage of two babies, one 3 year old and one very patient nanny, flew to San Francisco for BlogHer 08 to interview your favorite bloggers.

We arrived early and spent the day doing in-depth interviews with nine top bloggers and then brought the cameras to all the parties that night.

We will be releasing the videos gradually in posts through our full-text RSS Feed… so make sure you’ve subscribed. We’ll also include some here… so keep checking back. We’ve got a ton of fabulous footage.

Interview with Angela

Interview with Alice Bradley
Alice Bradley
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with Kathleen
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with The Rookie Moms
Whitney and Heather
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with Michelle Mitchell
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with Dawn Meehan
Because I Said So
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with Stephanie Precourt
Adventures In Babywearing
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with Shannon
Rocks In My Dryer
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with Arianne
To Think Is To Create

Interview with Elizabeth
Busy Mom
Vimeo | YouTube

Interview with The Queen of Spain
The Queen of Spain

Blogging about Autism and other Special Needs

Finding Your Blogging Niche
Michelle Mitchell

Planning A Blogging Event
Megan Jordan

Demystifying the Big Name Blogger
Megan Jordan

How To Build Strong Online Friendships in the Blogging Community
Stephanie Precourt

Juggling Multiple Blogs to Build Your Blogging Career
Melaine Nelson

Mom Blogging Success

Kirtsy Girl Gwen Bell
Gwen Bell

Why Moms Blog

We’ve hosted these videos at Vimeo because we love their video quality! If you don’t have an account there, you definitely should create one. It’s a fantastic community that could use your support. And once you’ve made your account, you can comment and vote (or ‘like’) videos. Hint Hint. :)

But you can also watch the videos on YouTube if you prefer. (Or watch and vote for them at both sites. LOL)