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My 5yo son became a huge fan of Hexbugs last year, and what was once a few cool little toys grew into a massive collection and play arena. I completely understand his enthusiasm for them. […]


3M Screens for Schools

Last year my son’s 5th grade class launched their school’s Mobile Learning Program, a project in which every 5th grade student was provided a smartphone (Mobile Learning Device) to be used for in-class curriculum and […]


As the Managing Editor here at 5 Minutes for Mom, I love previewing the posts from our food writers in the 5 Minutes for Food column every Thursday. I’m amazed by their creativity and a […]


sm back to school spending report

Last month, Women & Co. challenged our family to find creative ways to save during this back to school season. As a mother of five with four kids in school (college, high school, and elementary), […]

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Labor Day Link Up 2012

by Stacey Nerdin

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For many, Labor Day marks a turning of the corner from Summer into Fall – a time to spend with family, take stock, make memories, and look forward to the rush of Back To School […]


Second Chance Toys

The neighborhood we just moved from had not one, but two garbage days a week. For a flat rate, residents could put out as many bags as they wanted, along with as many household items […]


Scotch Expressions Tape

If you think Scotch Brand tapes are just for keeping things together, you’re missing out! Scotch Expressions Tapes and Printed Scotch Shipping Tapes are a great way to let kids share their own unique style […]


If you’ve ever moved into a new (to you) house, you know how hard it can be to decorate. Your old things don’t always work in the new space, and sometimes you just want something […]


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As parents, we spend so much of our back-to-school efforts preparing our kids for the classroom and beyond. But how do we prepare ourselves for communicating with teachers and other parents, and staying active and […]


Every so often, despite the hectic pace of kids’ activities, school, appointments, and errands, I will “see” a moment I’d like to capture on film and keep for memory’s sake. It’s not always practical to […]