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The baby years are blogging gold. Gold I tell you, gold! Every day with a baby is a day of bloggable importance. You are never short of something to write. Just think of the diaper […]


Strollers, Carriers. Slings. Baby backpacks. Chances are that you had at least one of these baby carrying devices. And likely you had EVERY baby carrying device you could find. I loved holding my baby against […]


The decision to have a third child turned out to be the easy part. The not-so-easy part was managing everything after the third child was born. Mornings. School bus pickups. Diaper changes. Nap time. Homework […]

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Growing up in England, I had only a passing experience with Barbie. I didn’t have the Barbie dream house or even a Barbie doll. My sister had a knockoff Barbie doll, Barbie’s less well-dressed sister, […]


I was very far from home when I was a college student. I was a freshman at a college in PA, while my family was back in the UK. Going home to England for Thanksgiving […]


I grew up in chilly, frigid England. The house I grew up in allegedly had central heating but my breath froze when I was IN the house. In fact, my grandma would stuff my school […]


In the New Year… I will exercise. I will eat only healthy meals. I will go to bed earlier. I’m sure like me, you have made resolutions. Sometimes you choose something life changing, like making […]


Not a day goes by when I don’t see some crazy photo on Facebook. Might be a dog wearing people clothes. Or an angry looking cat. Or even one of those vintage cards where the […]


I’m a saver of stuff. Collections. Books. Letters from friends. Favorite toys. I’m not quite a hoarder, as I am very organized. Every set of items has a box, or a bag to keep the […]


We’re a toon family. My earliest TV memories are of the Hanna Barbera cartoons. My husband is all about the Looney Tunes. He has an almost-photographic memory for those  cartoons. The kids are following in […]