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Halloween Crafts in 5 Minutes

Guest contributor Nancy joins 5 Minutes for Mom today with some fast, inexpensive, and really cute Halloween crafts (those are the best kind, aren’t they?) Like most of you, I am a super busy mom. […]

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Prepared for a Disaster

Family is where it all begins and it’s important to know that the ones you love are safe in any situation. Disasters come in many forms, man made or naturally occurring, and often strike when […]


Avoid Back to School Battles with your Middle Schooler

Whether school has started or will be starting in a few days, chances are the battles have begun. They may be about what can or cannot be worn to school, which backpack or binder fits […]


5 tips for healthy snacking 310

Guest Contributor Annemarie Rossi shares 5 tips for healthy snacking. This post does contain affiliate links. Snack time is one of the most challenging times of day to eat healthy food. We often find ourselves hungry […]


Family happy on moving day carrying cardboard boxes

Summertime is moving time for many families. Moving into a new home, especially with kids in tow can be a difficult task. As a mom of 5, I know kids respond in different ways to upheavals […]


toddler tantrums 310

It’s time for a laugh! This guest post by Darlena Cunha from literally made me laugh out loud… Enjoy. My life plunges ever deeper into the realm of ridiculous as my kids struggle to […]


MommyBliss_FlatforeBooks 310

Author Genny Heikka shares thoughts on finding bliss in the hustle and bustle of motherhood. “Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders wherever your children go.”—Author Unknown Bliss perfect […]


Hair and Makeup Tips for Women Runners 310

Christine is here to share her hair and makeup tips for women runners. Since I started running in 1999 I’ve been fortunate enough not to have my hair come undone during a race – except […]



Experiencing mommy bliss is about learning to laugh at things you might not find funny at first (because parenting is full of those things), letting yourself cry when you need to (because you are worth […]



Nobody has to tell us that being a mom can be stressful. We love our kids—we do—but we’re human. And in spite of our love, we sometimes get impatient, frustrated, or just plain tired. So […]