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Searching for comfort and great sound quality in headphones? Look no further than Aerial7 Tank DIY, which allows your inner artist to design your very own headset. Do it yourself with the included markers, or […]


Tail Towns Friends Figurines by Ganz are collectibles that unlock virtual rewards to the Tail Towns Friends Facebook game. These are well designed and delicate so don’t mistake them for toys. Each one is an […]


If you know anything about Ganz, the makers of Webkinz, you know that they keep children entertained for hours. They have accomplished that again with their Tail Towns Friends Facebook game. Filled with adorable country […]

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Who says luxury travel is just for couples? If you find yourself planning a dream vacation with kids included, make sure to consider West Hill House in Nassau, Islands of the Bahamas. West Hill House […]

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Chore Pad HD app

The Chore Pad HD App is the answer for busy moms who want to use a chore chart and reward system for their children. Instead of paper charts and the hassle of rewriting, checking off […]

{ 19 comments } makes saving money on groceries easy and quick because their database is location based. Instead of going through the steps we normally associate with shopping for groceries and couponing, you choose the stores you […]


Not many of us like to talk about constipation, but it’s a common problem. According to Senokot, “more than 4 million Americans have issues with constipation.” And if you’re one of them, you want fast […]