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Any parent can attest to the fact that we seem to be always buying shoes for our kids. Their feet just grow so dang fast! It’s next to impossible to keep up. Twice in my […]


I recently had the pleasure of driving around Raleigh, NC in a 2012 Mazda 3i Grand Touring 4-Door sedan. I currently drive a minivan and I love it. But I was intrigued by the promise […]

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It’s almost officially Fall and I am so ready to welcome the cooler weather! It won’t be long before I am reaching for sweaters and boots and yummy pumpkin spiced lattes. In fact we have […]


Have you noticed that you can shop on Facebook now? It seems like every day I am getting notifications of my friends taking advantage of some really great deals. Ball + Chain Accessories is a […]


Do you remember The Magic School Bus television series for kids? The Magic School Bus takes kids on grand adventures into science and more with Ms. Frizzle, who is both the teacher and the bus driver! I […]


We have been in our home for almost two years. During this time we have slowly but surely been bringing the decor out of the 1960s and into this century, with the exception of our […]


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Nothing beats giving your sweet baby a bath and wrapping him or her up in a nice soft towel. My boys have outgrown the baby bathtub, but when they were small I loved to gently […]