What are you listening to?

by Janice

Okay ladies – the Wiggles just aren’t doing it for me.
Rescue me!

I need some fresh stuff to listen to. So help me please…let me know what you are listening to. What should I download? (I have no time to actually go to a store and buy music. It is downloading or nothing now.)

And listening to the radio can be tricky around my son. Let’s just say a lot of the lyrics aren’t things you want your four year old to hear.

If you listen to Christian music – I would love to hear what you think is great! We have one Christian radio station that comes in a bit fuzzy and I listen to that in the car. So I am just not as into what is new and cool on the Christian music scene as I was years ago when I was a Christian youth worker.

But I really want the music my son hears to be positive and healthy. So I would love your input. (I like Third Day and own some of their albums and Casting Crowns sounds pretty good. I am going to download some of that.)

Like I said, up until the last five years, I used to buy quite a bit of Christian music and attend youth worker conferences etc so I was plugged into what was new and hot. But now, I am a little out of the loop.

(I love it when I go to some blogs and they list the albums they like and even have some videos or songs to play. I am heading to go download some of those now…)

Thanks SO much…
Now if I can just get the Wiggles out of my head…

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