What are you listening to?

Okay ladies – the Wiggles just aren’t doing it for me.
Rescue me!

I need some fresh stuff to listen to. So help me please…let me know what you are listening to. What should I download? (I have no time to actually go to a store and buy music. It is downloading or nothing now.)

And listening to the radio can be tricky around my son. Let’s just say a lot of the lyrics aren’t things you want your four year old to hear.

If you listen to Christian music – I would love to hear what you think is great! We have one Christian radio station that comes in a bit fuzzy and I listen to that in the car. So I am just not as into what is new and cool on the Christian music scene as I was years ago when I was a Christian youth worker.

But I really want the music my son hears to be positive and healthy. So I would love your input. (I like Third Day and own some of their albums and Casting Crowns sounds pretty good. I am going to download some of that.)

Like I said, up until the last five years, I used to buy quite a bit of Christian music and attend youth worker conferences etc so I was plugged into what was new and hot. But now, I am a little out of the loop.

(I love it when I go to some blogs and they list the albums they like and even have some videos or songs to play. I am heading to go download some of those now…)

Thanks SO much…
Now if I can just get the Wiggles out of my head…


  1. says

    I listen to live365.com on my radio. You can hear ANY kind of music you want there. Seriously. I listen to Catholic Jukebox. Who knew there was such a thing as Catholic rap??

    Btw, in response to you comment on my blog: RWA is Romance Writers of America. I’ve been a member for years and never got to go to the national conference.

  2. says

    I like the band “Kutless.” I also listen to our Christian radio station. Some of my old favorites are Sandi Patti, Michael Card, Twila Paris, Amy Grant & Jaci Velasquez.
    The Veggie Tales videos and CDs are cute for kids. Judy Rogers at http://www.judyrogers.com has great childrens’ CDs on the Proverbs (Go to the Ant) and on the basic questions about the Bible and God (Why Can’t I See God?).
    I just sent you an invitation to the sound-and-spirit.com club…you can get 12 CDs for the price of 1 as a new member. A good way to get a good variety of music pretty cheap! :o) Anyone else interested in more information about the club can email me: carol@1hourscrap.com

  3. says

    For the little one, you can’t beat Veggie Tales. I can listen to their songs and not drive my car off of a cliff, so that’s something.

    For the grown ups – we love Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Nichole Nordeman (my favorite), Hillsong (great praise and worship music), among others. I actually wrote a post on this very topic a couple of months ago…

    Addie recently mentioned Watermark, and I have them on my list…OH! And Selah! We love love love Selah – and the little man actually likes them a bunch, too.

  4. says

    If you are into Christian rock, I’d suggest Barlow Girl, Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Kutless, Skillet….I could go on all day. As far as lighter stuff, I LOVE Watermark, Natalie Grant, and Casting Crowns. I also listen to David Gray (secular), and a bunch of older stuff, like 60s and motown.
    In the car, my kids and I listen to K-LOVE and Air-1. They love it. They generally tend to like whatever I listen to.

  5. says

    If you’re looking for some fun stuff your son might like, you could try Chris Rice…he has that cartoon song, and the rest of his stuff is very positive. If you’ve got some time to browse, check out http://www.grassrootsmusic.com, they have lots of samples of music and if you pick an artist you like they can make recommendations.

    I feel you, Janice! I just posted about this last week on my blog. I feel so out of it! I only have been getting music from artists that I know, I don’t know any of the new stuff like I used to when we worked in radio.

  6. says

    Hey Janice, thanks for coming over to my blog. :) I thought of you today when I read Parent Hacks, do you read that? They have a link to a blog about children’s music. I thought you might like to check it out if you haven’t already, it was smallages.blogspot.com. I can’t vouch for it, as I just gave it a cursory glance, just figured I’d pass it on if you didn’t see it.

    We don’t work in radio anymore partly because we moved away from the station, and partly because we just got so involved in work and other things. It was long before we were parents. We were really into the ministry of radio in college and shortly after graduation, but it takes so much time. I wish I still had that fire and energy.

  7. Susan says

    What great suggestions!!!

    Thank you all so much. I’m looking forward to checking out all those artists.

    Just like Janice’s, my music collection needs a serious over haul.


  8. says

    You can tune in live christian music radio online any time!!!

    And I love almost all of the groups listed above. My favs are Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Selah, Mercy Me … GAAAH! So many, so many.

    For your son … you might like Bullfrogs and Butterflies or the Music Machine (both older music, but fun) … or the new praise CDs they have for kids… http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/

    you can go to Christianbook.com and click on the KIDS button at the top, and then “music” on the left side and it will bring a whole slew of stuff up … and many of the songs you can download for .99 cents…

    Have fun!

  9. Janice says

    Gibee – Sue and I LOVED Bullfrogs and Butterflies when we were kids!! We had it on vinyl back then. I still sing “have patience” to my son, even though he has never heard it from the Music Machine. I always wondered if I could still buy it. I am sooooo going to go get it for him!

    We also have a ton of Veggie Tales – that is great stuff!

    Thanks for the other links and stuff – I am heading to go check them out!!

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