Tackle It Tuesday — Too Much Taxi Time

SusanDoes playing taxi for Julia and Jackson count as a tackle?

Janice is out of town (she’s in Washington, DC helping spread the message about OTC cough syrup abuse) and so I’m here playing school-bus driver.

I REALLY wish we HAD a school-bus that took our kids to school. But no such luck.

Jackson and Julia go to different schools (Julia is still in preschool) in different neighborhoods and at different times. So, while Janice and I both pay for childcare for our 2 year olds, our work days are still very interrupted by driving to school. And when Janice is away, I do double duty.

Anyway, so I’m blaming my lack of a tackle on being a taxi driver with far too much work to do and not nearly enough time at my desk. LOL.

Have you been a better housekeeper than I? (It’s not hard to beat…)

Tell me what you’re up to with all your other tackles… housework and otherwise… add your link to your tackle in the Mck Linky below!

Each week on Tuesday, we are posting before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that we tackled this week.

Find out more about Tackle It Tuesday here.
The project can be little or big – whatever you want.

Basically, Tackle It Tuesday is about giving ourselves incentive, deadlines and satisfaction in getting our household tasks done.

(It doesn’t even have to be housework… just whatever is on your To Do list.)

If you tackled a project this week, just add a comment and add your link below.

Happy tackling ladies…

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co founder, Susan Carraretto.
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By the way, do you know that Janice own two online toy stores — a Pedal Car store and a Rocking Horse store.


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    Hey, driving kids all over the place is a HUGE tackle. That is so exhausting. Hope you can hire a driver or a maid–shouldn’t have to do both!

    I am working on a sewing project that uses scrap fabric/ recycled clothing and am designing my own pattern. Haven’t completed the pattern publishing yet, but hoping to soon.

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    So sorry that I made an error with my html on the first try. The second one is correct.

    My boys are grown now but I well remember those days. Try to use them to build strong communication (when you can) with your kiddos. They tend to let their guard down when they are in the car and will talk more freely because they don’t have to look at you in the eye. Also keep a stash of good music to listen to when you are by yourself and need a boast. I carried wonderful Christian music to inspire me and restore my soul. I also kept sermons to listen too to “redeem the time” while I was on the road.

    Like all things connected with raising children, this too will pass!! But it is a busy and tiring season of life-no doubt. Blessings as you train up your flock in the way they should go!

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    Thank you for hosting this carnival, it’s my first time participating! :)

    I think the main thing I tackled this week was just getting this post up . . .


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    Oh I am so thankful for our school bus! Right now I have to take Becca to preschool, and that’s plenty of driving just in itself. I am very glad not to have to take Abby and Hannah to and from school too.

    Tacking a sick child here – guess ’tis the season, lol.

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    It totally counts as a tackle. I’m glad we moved to an area with busing. It’s made my life MUCH easier except for those days we juggle after school activities! That’s another nightmare!!!

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    Being a taxi service totally counts!

    THing I’m tackling this week is the HUGE pile of laundry that was apparently hiding in my house and jumped out at me!

    Good Luck, well done and God bless to everyone here


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