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This is a sponsored post written by 5 Minutes for Mom’s contributing writer Bonnie Way on behalf of HARVESTLAND® and she was compensated by payment. All opinions are 100% hers.

I grew up on an acreage where we raised our own chickens, for both meat and eggs. My brother took care of the hens, which meant he had chores year-round and got to do egg-delivery-duty to our neighbours. I took care of the meat birds, which were fat and ugly but only stayed around for the summer. Besides giving my brother and I something to do in exchange for an allowance, the chickens also provided our family with a source of healthy food. Our birds had lots of space to roam, so they could eat green grass and bugs as well as grain (which included a mix carefully prepared by my dad to give them maximum nutrients during the winter) and all the vegetable scraps from our table. We had a freezer full of delicious, high-quality meat that I didn’t really appreciate until I moved out on my own and began shopping for myself.

Yeah. Grocery store meat. I couldn’t believe the prices. Farm fresh, organic chicken like the sort I’d grown up on was way out of my budget—I was working my first job after university and my husband was still a student. We watched for good coupons and often just bought cheap meat, trying to ignore thinking about where it probably came from.

Now, I have three girls and I find myself asking more questions about the food I eat. I want the best for them, even if we’re still on a tight budget. I want meat that is pure and simple, without antibiotics, fillers, steroids or hormones. The sort of meat, as HARVESTLAND® says, that was eaten by my ancestors (which includes a long line of farmers). Since I can’t grow my own chickens to ensure that my kids get healthy meat to eat, it’s nice to know there’s a brand I can trust that has the same high standards as I do.

Checking out the HARVESTLAND® website, I was impressed to see a whole list of family farmers who work with this brand. HARVESTLAND® believes healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with commitment to the land and respect for animals—something I learned from my dad, who grew up on a farm, but something that’s definitely lacking in most huge meat-processing facilities. I like the idea that HARVESTLAND® works with small farmers, some of whom are seventh-generation farmers.

HARVESTLAND®’s products are made from chicken raised with no antibiotics ever, fed an all vegetarian diet (no animal by-products), raised cage-free, and certified gluten free. Whether you’re looking for family packs of fresh chicken or turkey, grabbing some of their Fully Cooked products for a quick meal on the run, or throwing franks and burgers on the BBQ this summer, HARVESTLAND® has got you covered.

Harvestland also has some great old-fashioned recipes if you’re looking for new menu ideas. Just reading through the recipes made my mouth water. And every recipe had simple, wholesome ingredients, along with a bit of history or trivia. While you’re salivating over the recipes, remember to print a coupon to get $1 off your next HARVESTLAND® at the grocery store.

HARVESTLAND® products are available at a variety of grocery stores, including your neighbourhood Walmart. You can also connect with them on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for more tips and recipes, or subscribe to the Abundant Harvest® Newsletter.


  1. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I think it is awesome that HARVESTLAND®’s products are made from chicken raised with no antibiotics ever, fed an all vegetarian diet (no animal by-products), raised cage-free, and certified gluten free. 
    It’s just a shame they are not available in my small country town.

  2. Claudia M says

    I grew up in a small town where we had a farmers market with about everything from the local farms like eggs,poultry,veggies etc. I never heard of HARVESTLAND®’s products , I will defiantly check them out,thanks

  3. Nicole Dz says

    I love that this brand of chicken is raised with no antibiotics, fed an all vegetarian diet, raised cage-free, and certified gluten free. Awesome qualities!

  4. Angela Saver says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with us! I had no idea this option is available, & am excited to see Wal-Mart sells it!

  5. Laura J says

    Oh I have to check these out! I have Celiac and have to eat gluten free. I love that they are certified gluten free too! I have been trying to cook and eat healthier options!!

  6. Nancy says

    From your description, HARVESTLAND products sound just what someone would want for their family. I like the special care they use for their products.

  7. Barbara Montag says

    I’ve been looking for “safer” chicken to eat.
    I’m going to see if I can find this in our area.
    If not maybe I can order it online.

  8. Arena Thompson says

    You know, I don’t ever really go into Walmart (it’s a madhouse in there!) but I’m going to have to go to try to find this. The description makes it seem perfect for dinner here!

  9. Helga says

    I raise chickens and ducks and geese for eggs. I would love to try this company’s products, they look wonderful.

  10. Tammy S says

    It really sounds like they stand by their product. I like that. I also worry about some of the foods that are produced to day. Easy is not always better. I will have to check my store for this brand.

  11. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love naturally raised chicken, you can really taste the quality difference. I was raised on a farm and our chicken was naturally raised. Love when farms sell it like that, but sadly it is a bit more expensive, but you pay for the quality.

  12. says

    I love the story of you growing up on a farm. I’ve never heard or seen this meat in stores, but it looks like a good brand. I too worry about what I’m feeding, not only myself, but my family too. There’s just so much bad stuff in foods now days :/

  13. Pam H. says

    I’ve seen Harvestland products in the grocery story, but haven’t tried them yet. I try to feed my family more natural products, as I’m becoming increasingly aware of harmful additives.

  14. Christina Anne says

    I’m always looking for healthier products like Harvestland. I’m also glad Walmart is providing more products like this! Thanks for the info

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