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I recently made 40 and am ready for a change. I’ve never had much of a sense of style but I am ready to amp my summer wardrobe up a bit. How can I do that on tiny budget?

~Stephanie, Arkansas

Summer Style Over 40

Hip hip hooray (throwing confetti), what a wonderful season of life to be in. Fortunately for you big style doesn’t have to cost big bucks. Here are some ways to breathe new life into your summer style.


First off, no matter how fabulous an outfit is, you hair can either make it or break it. So head to your local salon and get a new style that compliments your face. If you are not sure what to get, just ask the hair stylist to recommend something. A new cut or fabulous new color can do wonders not only for your style but for you outlook and confidence too.

If salon prices have you a  bit nervous, try some place more affordable like Hair Cuttery. Local beauty schools also offer huge discounts so see if there are any in your area. The thing to remember is the person styling your hair is a student, since they are not licensed your service will most likely take longer but will always be overseen by a licensed professional.

If you go to a larger cosmetology school, you may even be able to get your nails done and a facial too!


Play around with different type of accessories to shake things up a bit. Swapping out earrings, necklaces and bracelets is much more affordable than purchasing a whole new wardrobe. Get some affordable and fab finds at flea markets and summer festivals. Retailers like Claires and Zulily also offer lots of variety without big expense.

Speaking of accessories don’t forget that you can easily change things up by wearing a hat or even wearing a hair scarf. I recently made a “how-to” video about where to find hair scarves and how to wear them that should be helpful.


I am not saying that you have to wear tons of make-up but as far as make-up goes, every gal needs at least one great shade of red lipstick that suits her. It’s classic and red lips are always in trend. Also, great mascara and long luscious lashes go a long way so, discover your favorite product and hold on tight.


As far as clothes go, the next time you go shopping ask a fashionable friend to tag along. Many magazines now have fashion sections and even point out where to shop and how to get the look for less. Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife has a “Fashion Over Forty” series that you may also find helpful.

Use these tips to stay fashionable, fun and fabulous well into your forties and beyond!

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