Save Trees with a #shopcartons Tweet

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During the month of July, you can help donate a tree just by tweeting. Choose Cartons is partnering with Trees for the Future to donate a tree each time the hashtag #shopcartons is mentioned.


By partnering with Trees for the Future, Choose Cartons, an Evergreen Packaging initiative, aims to help replant as many of the valuable resources they use for their packaging as possible.

In fact, they are donating up to 10,000 trees during the month of July. All you have to do is tweet.

You can even just RT this one…

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Choose Cartons is a blog for eco-conscious parents (particularly moms!) that teaches the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling through DIY projects, up-cycled crafts, and fresh ideas. They also speak to the importance of using renewable resources, and as the name suggests, the positive effects of choosing cartons at the grocery store!

Top 3 Reasons You Should Choose Cartons at the Grocery Store:

  1. They are recyclable & renewable
  2. Cartons keep the contents inside super fresh
  3. Cartons take up less space in your fridge so you can buy even more groceries for the kids!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored and was provided by Choose Cartons.

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