Summer Laundry Tips to Help You Take A Load Off

Susan here… I’ve got some laundry tips and an awesome giveaway for you thanks to the OxiClean Ambassador Program. This post is sponsored, but as always, my opinions are my own. If you’d like to “take a load off”, read on…

Take a load off Giveaway

Every generation of mothers has been busy, but I’d say our modern mothering lives push the limits of what’s possible.

We are just too busy! So we have to find ways to get it all done. Each woman’s life is different and we’ve all got our own unique tools and support systems – whether it be new technologies, fabulous friends, or help from our families.

To survive and enjoy life, we need to find ways to “take a load off.”

OxiClean Laundry Detergent’s stain fighting power can help you “take a load off” by easing one of your daily chores and making laundry a little simpler.

How I “Take a Load Off”

I’m always looking for ways to simplify my routine and make my housekeeping chores easier. I love that OxiClean Laundry Detergent gets our family’s clothes clean quickly and without a lot of scrubbing and pre-soaking.

Some of the other ways I juggle work, family and everything else are…

  • Support from Family – I don’t have much family… but I’m thankful for my twin sister and my mom. Together we work as a team and help each other.
  • Smartphone Apps – A few simple apps, like those to help with to-do lists and grocery shopping, can really make a big difference.
  • A Simple Schedule – I try not to over-schedule our lives. For example, leaving Saturday morning free of activities gives us all a chance to sleep in and have a relaxing break.

Simple Summer Laundry Tips

Summer Laundry Tips

Here are 5 Laundry Tips to add to your list of ways to “take a load off”.

  1. Hang Your Laundry to Dry Outside

    If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard where you can hang your laundry to dry, take advantage of the summer weather and use a laundry line or drying rack. You’ll save electricity and enjoy some sunshine while you hang your laundry.

  2. Multi-Task

    Laundry is boring! So activate your brain while you’re doing laundry by listening to an audio book or a podcast. Use an app on your smartphone and pop in some ear buds and you can enjoy your book wherever you’re doing your laundry.

  3. Sort Laundry While Still In The Hampers

    I use a hamper that’s split into three sections as well as an additional hamper. In the three sections I have whites, darks, and colors. In the extra hamper I have delicates. That way the laundry goes straight from the hamper to the washing machine.

  4. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

    Many women (my own mother included) are so picky about their laundry being washed and folded perfectly that they decline help from their husbands and kids. With the kids out of school, they have extra time to get involved. Lower your expectations and get help. If you have some high quality, delicate items that you want to ensure are washed with extra care, keep those in a separate hamper that only you wash.

  5. Take a Day Off

    I admit that I’m guilty of letting my laundry pile up so I have almost nothing to wear. But especially in the summer, I think it’s good strategy to do a load a day except for certain “days off”. You might pick one day a week or have special summer day trips where you never even think about laundry and other chores.

About OxiClean

OxiClean is America’s #1 stain-fighting additive brand and it is also now a laundry detergent.

You’ll love how OxiClean Laundry Detergent…

  • lifts out even tough, dried-on stains.
  • removes “summer stains” like grass, soil, fruit juice, iced coffee, chocolate ice cream, barbeque sauce and — everyone’s favorite stain — ketchup.
  • deep cleans for brilliant whites and vivid brights with three color-safe OxiClean stain-fighters.
  • comes in Fresh Scent and Free (Perfume & Dye Free) formulas, as well as single-dose detergent paks and powder detergent.
  • available in food, drug, club and mass retailers nationwide.

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“Take a Load Off” Giveaway – Enter To Win

Leave us a comment telling us either a laundry tip or a way you like to “take a load off”. Then enter using the Giveaway Tools widget below.

Grand prize: To help you “take a load off”, this prize includes a $100 Visa Gift Card and 3 bottles of OxiClean Laundry Detergent.
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Disclosure: I am participating in a compensated Ambassador Program with OxiClean.
Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    I have a laundry “system” whereby each kid has a day assigned to bring down their load of dirty clothes. They sort colors from whites and I wash, dry and fold their laundry for them. Those who choose not to or forget to comply with their day are on their own for getting their laundry done start to finish. (This does not apply to the littles!). That also leaves time in the rest of the day or even later in the week for me to do my laundry and hubby’s as well as whites, sheets, and/or towels AND still have the weekend off from laundry duty. working well for us so far…. and frees me from nagging and following them around the house to get them to comply.

  2. emily says

    I enlist help from my kids with sorting and getting things in the machines, and then fold while I watch a favorite show – either bring it in front of the TV, or via my iPad resting on top of the dryer.

  3. Rosie says

    I miss hanging my clothes outside to dry! I do often soak laundry in detergent for a day or two before finishing it on a very gentle cycle. I try to not use the dryer too much, as it is the most damaging to the clothes long-term.

  4. Liz says

    I sort my kids’ clothes into piles on the kitchen table off the laundry room. They bring their piles upstairs one at a time so I don’t have to lug the clean clothes back upstairs!

  5. kelly D says

    My laundry tip is to apply detergent directly to stains and use the pre-soak cycle to remove stains effectively.

  6. says

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  7. DEBIJOT says

    I do my laundry while I am cleaning the house – it doesn’t seem like an extra chore when I do this.

  8. Jessica To says

    I try to do laundry while my son is working on homework so I can help him and get chores done.

  9. Ellen B says

    I need to “shake out” my son’s work clothes – works construction
    He gets very dirty – would love to try this

  10. Kristin Goodson says

    I don’t let laundry pile up!! I do tons of loads each week just so i don’t have to spend one whole day to doing it. Its spread out throughout the week.

  11. mongupp ( says

    I like to shake my clothes before hanging them to dry..less wrinkles! I also love sweet smelling detergents.

  12. mongupp ( says

    I like to shake my clothes before hanging them to dry..less wrinkles! I also love sweet smelling detergents. And I get the kids to help.

  13. mami2jcn says

    I’m not sure if this is a tip but I use my fabric softener sheet to empty out the lint trap in the dryer.

  14. steve weber says

    I always do all my laundry in one day… then you can look forward to a whole week without doing laundry.

  15. Kenya F says

    I like to do the laundry first thing in the morning around 8am so that I can have the rest of the day to do whatever I want.

  16. janetfaye says

    I soak stained clothing in ammonia overnight and then wash them the next day.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Natalie S says

    Treat stains as soon as possible and put yourself on a laundry schedule – like I do laundry on Mondays and Thursdays mostly.

  18. shelly peterson says

    Make sure you spray a stain on your clothes right away. Also line dry your clothes if you can.

  19. says

    i do laundry first thing on a weekend morning to get it over with so i can be productive outside the house the rest of the day or relax or whatever !

  20. says

    I fold and put away asap, so it doesn’t back up and get overwhelming. It’s such a good feeling to get the laundry completely done when you do loads of wash.

  21. says

    I do all our laundry every other day. Through the summer it’s all dried on the line, but ends up scratchy, so I’ll throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes to soften them up a bit.

  22. Cheryl says

    I don’t really have a tip, but I LOVE to hang clothes out on the line in the sunshine and love the smell–but usually just do sheets.

  23. vickie couturier says

    I fold as I take it out of the dryer or as I take it off the line,,I like to wash in cold water only and hang my clothes out to dry whenever I can

  24. Linda says

    Here in Ottawa, Ontario we our electricity charges is determinded by time of day therefore my laundry is done either in the evenings or on the weekends

  25. Austin Baroudi says

    I drink a nice cup of coffee and watch a movie in my air conditioned apartment to take a load off!

  26. Tracey says

    My laundry tip for parents of babies is to use mesh lingerie bags to hold/wash their socks and other small accessories to keep them from getting lost.

  27. Leanne Norman says

    I use mesh bags to keep certain items from getting tangled. I hang my laundry up on the line in the summer to save money. I also empty all pocket before throwing the laundry in.

  28. Courtnie says

    A tip I have to get wrinkles out is take the clothes into the bathroom when you shower with you and the steam from the shower will help some of the bad wrinkles.

  29. Natalie F says

    I like tip #4. It took me awhile to lower my expectations and get help, but as our family grew, I accepted it. We are very practical about the amount of clothing each person in our family owns, I think having less, forces us to keep up with laundry and not let it pile up.

  30. Dawn MacIntosh says

    Each family member has their own laundry baskets to bring down, and then back to their room. They are also responsible for putting the clothes away. While I am waiting for a machine to finish up, I take that time to clean the laundry room and the family room which is in the basement. Two jobs get down in one time frame.

  31. Staci A says

    I have hubby do the heavy job of carrying it upstairs and everyone’s responsible for getting dirty clothes into a hamper. Both help me take a load off.

  32. Laura says

    I fold my laundry straight from the dryer into one of the 4 hampers I have. One for each family member. They clothes aren’t as wrinkled and I don’t have to sort them twice.

  33. valerie says

    I like to take a load off by knitting while I wait for my laundry to dry. It’s just enough time for a little “Momma Break”! :)

  34. Em Mahr says

    I fold clothes while I watch the news. Also, white distilled vinegar is a great substitute if you run out of softener.

  35. sarah jackson says

    I have my teen son do his own laundry , I dont help , I dont nag , I just leave it to him ! sure does take a load off me !

  36. Laura J says

    I hung a closet bar in our laundry room, and all clothes that get hung up in the closets…I hang up right away. Then…I just carry them up and hang them right up!

  37. Lawanna says

    My laundry tip is to do all the laundry in one day. You’ll get it done for the week and everyone will have clean clothes and towels. Just figure it’s your day “off” from running tons of errands.

  38. Jeanna says

    My 5yr old daughter has taken an interest in helping with the laundry and i’m glad to teach her! It’s helping out more than I thought it would!

  39. Cynthia R says

    I listen to music when I fold clothes, it makes it go by faster, while clothes are washing and drying I do other chores or read or watch tv. Also, i do two loads, lights and darks, I don’t separate into a whole bunch of tiny categories.

  40. Tammy S says

    My tip is to pretreat your stains before putting the clothes in the washer. I usually soak them a day or two.

  41. HEather McKenzie Carter says

    In the summer, use a laundry line! You save loads of $$$ on not having to use a dryer. We have 9 kids, so we go through insane amounts of laundry and I save a lot of money using a clothesline instead of a dryer all summer (not to mention, it keeps the house cooler!)

  42. says

    My tip is to do one load of laundry each night, wash one and fold one. It keeps it all from pilingup at the end of the week!

  43. says

    I now know to check my whites better before I put them in the washer–somehow I missed my new black pashmina, and all my whites are a dingy gray now!

  44. lisa bolduc says

    our laundry is in the kitchen so I do a load while cooking supper… killing 2 birds with one stone

  45. Bailey Dexter says

    I do certain loads every day, so monday I do whites, tuesday I do darks etc, this way the kids know what to bring me for their laundry! And if they forget they wait a week, but they never do!

  46. Susan Christy says

    I never throw my clothes into a basket when they come out of the dryer. I hang, fold and put them all away. I like doing laundry much more now that I actually finish it – and there’s not as much ironing required.

  47. Jacinda says

    Tip: if you must use the dryer in summer, try and only turn it on at night (when the house is at it’s coolest), that way you’re not heating up your already hot house!

  48. Debbi Wellenstein says

    My husband does the laundry-he watches TV, and once an hour, runs downstairs to switch loads-he folds while still watching TV!

  49. Linda S. says

    Everyone separates dark from lights, but I try to also separate fabrics that “shed” (towels, fleece, sweats) from other clothes (sheets, delicates).

  50. Amy Pratt says

    When using liquid detergent, I wash the measuring cup with the last load. That can be one sticky mess.

  51. Crystal F says

    My girls are getting old enough to were they can help fold and put up now. That takes a load off for me. I think that’s the worst part of doing laundry. Thank you!

  52. acmommy says

    Biggest tip that has helped me a lot — be patient with getting stains out…Never dry in dryer, soak and spray with a good stain remover, wash a couple of times. It works almost 100% :-)

  53. Suzanne K says

    My best laundry tip was teaching my daughter how to do her own laundry before she was 12. She was responsible and she took care of it.

  54. Geoff K says

    I’ve found that clothes are less likely to shrink if you wash them with cold water and either hang-dry or use a low heat setting with the dryer!

  55. Rebecca Parsons says

    I take a load off by taking a few minutes in the day to sit down and relax and read a book.

  56. toni says

    I have a few kids with sensitive skin, for 3 years I have made my own laundry detergent, 1:1 ratio borax:Arm and Hammer washing soda, boiled in large pot full of water…Allow to cool, add 1/2 cup Dawn (yes it matters) pour into reused container. Use full strength, 1/2 cup for small loads to 1 1/2 cups for really dirty stuff (dog towels anyone?) Then add one cup vinegar for fabric softener…If drying in a dryer, use a toss in sheet. Otherwise it hangs on my line, super soft towels. Add oxygen cleen to whiten non bleach able items.

  57. Tina Marie says

    Here is a laundry tip. Always use hot water because there are minute amounts of fecal matter in every load. No pun intended. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. meagan bs says

    my daughter folds her own laundry which is really helpful for me because I HATE folding laundry and her tiny clothes are so annoying. I figure they will be a mess in her drawers in a day or two anyway, so why not let her fold them herself? She’s actually pretty good.

  59. Lacey Burd says

    I am definitely not a laundry guru, so seeing all these tips have really given me some good ideas! I carry a stain pen with me at all times during the summer, and when we get home I put detergent directly on the stain to soak in.

  60. Sarah L says

    I ‘take a load off’ by going swimming – it’s anti-gravity in the water.
    Thanks for the contest.

  61. Marty says

    I buy two kinds of socks, period. Black socks and white socks. The same brand and size for everyone in the house except the baby. When I sort socks, it takes two minutes and there’s — at most — one black and one white sock left over.

  62. Susan Chester says

    My laundry tip is to use your washing machine as a hamper. Just have everybody toss their clothes in and when it’s full run it.

  63. Kristi Sorg says

    I have 9 kids, so you could just imagine my laundry pile! I do about 3 loads every day and I LOVE to hang my clothes on the clothes line! Saves on electricity and smells super!

  64. Georgia Beckman says

    I started doing this a few months ago when I found the tip on a blog. Towels can get a smelly build up. So now I always wash them in vinegar & baking soda only, with vinegar in the rinse instead of softener. Now, granted, they don’t have that awesome smell like when you use softener, but they don’t have a bad smell. They simply DON’T smell at all. And I like using vinegar as a rinse for my towels because they’re not quite as soft as using fabric softener & I feel like they dry better.

  65. Donna says

    Don’t overstuff. You want to wash full loads only so you save on water use and energy consumption, but you don’t want to fill your machine so much that your clothes can’t get clean.

  66. janine h` says

    Treat stains right away. Make sure to check them before putting them in the dryer which will set the stain

  67. Betty Curran says

    I tend to let the laundry accumulate till I have almost nothing clean. Then I have a marathon laundry day. But there is only me, so I’m not doing laundry for multiple people.

  68. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    We have separate baskets for whites and colors so we know when the load needs done.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  69. Audra O'Hara says

    My laundry tip is to use a timer; especially if your washer and dryer are in the basement like mine. That way you don’t forget clothes and end up with soured towels or clothes that need to be fluffed numerous times.

  70. rich m says

    For me, the key is staying on top of it so it doesn’t build up as much as it used too. Takes a lot of the stress out…

  71. Ellie W says

    Even though I have a separate laundry room, the dryer still heats the house up some. So in the summer I wait til sundown to do laundry.

  72. Mary W says

    I add white vinegar to the rinse cycle for a natural fabric softener and a great way to get all the soap out of your clothes in that final cycle.

  73. Lorena Keech says

    I make a real effort to not allow laundry to pile up because I loathe putting away laundry. If I do the wash regularly, I can put away small loads. I can tolerate that and it also means clean clothes don’t get wrinkled from piling up in the basket.

  74. jenn huey says

    If i see blood stains on any clothing I immediately saturate it with hydrogen peroxide which pulls out all the protein; you will see if fizzing up right away.

  75. Jimmy says

    I do a load of laundry every day or so. That way, I don’t end up with tons of laundry do to on one day.

  76. says

    I got my little guys involved. They don’t mind helping at their ages. They put away their clothes so I don’t have to go up and down the stairs.

  77. Jill Myrick says

    I pretreat stains s they happen which makes them easier to remove.
    My older children are responsible for their own laundry and each have a day of the week assigned to them for that which helps me to take a load off each week.


  78. Deb C says

    I do one thing the old fashioned way… I soak white clothing to help get out stains and dirt. Instead of going into a hamper, white socks and tees go into a small tub of water, Oxiclean and borax and they soak until I have enough for a wash load. They come out fresh and white.

  79. Brittney House says

    I take a load off by having the whole family help do their laundry, so one person isn’t doing it and so it will go by faster.

  80. brandy c says

    My laundry tip is I keep a bottle of stain remover in the kitchen so when accidents happen I treat it right away rather than waiting.

  81. Peggy Rydzewski says

    Best tip.. Do not be afraid of letting things line dry. Sometimes putting delicates can be ruin in the dryer

  82. vilfreda Chavez says

    Have the kids fold and put away their own clothes- teaches them responsibililty and I don’t have to do it– yeah!

  83. Valeen N says

    I use different laundry baskets so the kids can toss in their dirty clothes according to color (whites, darks, etc). That way the laundry is pre-sorted! Saves tons of time!

  84. Sharon says

    Hydrogen Peroxide will get Kool Aid stains out of a white shirt also Calgon is great if you have hard water like I do! It helps the detergent get your clothes cleaner. Love all these tips!

  85. Julie Myles says

    My kids are helping now. One will put the laundry in the wash, the other puts is in the dryer. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is a big help.

  86. Rebecca Lock says

    I add white vinegar to every load of laundry. It keeps the clothes soft, prevents static, and kills smells.

  87. Connie Tucker says

    I never let my laundry pile up, do loads all through the week so I’m not overwhelmed with lots of loads at once.

  88. says

    Spot Shot carpet spot remover is an excellent clothing spot remover! Spray it, let it sit for an hour and wash it. You won’t have to worry about it again!

  89. says

    Actually, I take lots of loads off right now – LOL I live in an apartment complex and my oldest is renting a house and has the washer and dryer. I babysit her dog now and then and cook a big family dinner once a week and she does her laundry :)

  90. says

    I started sorting my laundry as I acquire more dirty clothes and it has saved me loads of time when laundry day comes. Thanks for the great tips!

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