Tips to Get Your Kids Involved when Moving Houses #Printable

Summertime is moving time for many families. Moving into a new home, especially with kids in tow can be a difficult task. As a mom of 5, I know kids respond in different ways to upheavals such as moving. But you might as well teach them now that life is about constant readjustment.

Family happy on moving day carrying cardboard boxes

It may be scary to leave a comfortable home, friends, and school for the unknown, but it can also instill a sense of adventure. We’ve moved 6 times and I’ve always found the more I get the kids involved, the easier moving is for all of us.

1. Most Important Tip: Hint, Hint, HIRE HELP! Removalist companies step in during any point in the process, as Grace Removals Groups did with us when I thought we could go it alone. I was mistaken. We were literally in over our heads in boxes. Removalist companies train their people in the fine art of packing properly. We, on the other hand, did not pack properly, which explains the large boxes full of books that simply couldn’t be budged.

2. First Day Box: Of course, I don’t mean to say the kids shouldn’t pack at all. A first day box should be packed by the kids but loaded last or close to last so it’s among the first items off the truck. This helps to make things less stressful on move-in day. Things to include are special items needed to make the kid’s new rooms feel like theirs again. Stuffed animals, artwork, games, bedding, & favorite books are good ideas. I once painted my kid’s names in neon so the first day boxes would be easily spotted.

3. Donations: If the kids have a tremendous amount of stuff accumulated over several years, don’t even try to take it all. Instead, have you kids sort through what can be donated, sold, or tossed. The less junk taken with you, the easier any move will be.

FUN TIP: FOr every 30-40 items eliminated, kids can earn an ice cream or movie night coupon to be used in your new location.

4. Good-bye letter and party: Create good-bye stationery and have the kids send notes to their best friends and teachers. The stationery can double as invitations to a going-away party. The party doesn’t have to be extravagant, a pizza night or back yard hot dog roast is simple and easy. Friends can stop by, hang out a bit, and pose for photos while going over memories of fun times together.

5. Read and craft about moving: Little ones oten need more discussion than you have time for when it comes to moving. They need reassurance while watching their ramiliar surroundings disappear into boxes and the back of a giant truck. a paper chain countdown to moving day is a good way to help young ones understand. Start a few weeks before the move reading books about moving at bedtime.

Book Suggestions: A Kiss Goodbye by Audrey Penn
Alexander, Who is NOT (Do You Hear Me? I MEANT IT!) Going to Move? by Judith Viorst are good choices.

6. The most important thing: Moving can cause some trauma in a child’s life but overall, if the adults handle it with appropriate excitement and patience, the kids will be just fine.

I’ve also included free printables to label your children’s clothing boxes! Boy & Girls Clothes sized newborn through 5.  Just right click and hit “save as”

boy clothes_printable

girl clothes_printable

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Written by Michelle Rise. Michelle is a mother of 5 kiddos, Disney lover, and world traveler. Michelle’s passion for princess castles and Mickey ears tends to win when it comes to vacationing with her family. With many family trips consisting of trekking through Disney parks, Michelle has become an expert. When she’s not singing along to “Let It Go”, Michelle is hiking through Rainbow Mountain with her husband Ben, and the family dog. Chat with her on Twitter: @Rise7Up.



  1. says

    No way on earth would I hire help with all these able bodied gang members living at home. When we moved 10 years ago, my biggest success in packing us up (while hubby lived at the new location already) was packing at least 2 boxes a night, with a friend or my cousin over to hang out and help. Good organized system of one room at a time, one or 2 boxes a night and it was FAR more manageable than I had ever dreamed it would be when faced with doing it all by myself with four littles and Daddy away.

  2. Rosie says

    These are excellent suggestions. I hope that I can hire help for packing next time I move, as I tend to put too much heavy things in boxes and then other things can get broken. Good tips for the kids, the books, the crafting, all!

  3. says

    Definitely recruit friends or family to help get organized – they will come right in and make sure you dont take junk with you and help give you better perspective on what goes in the keep and donate piles !

  4. vickie couturier says

    love the tips,,ive only had to move once with kids but have without them and its bad enough,,love the tips you posted ill pass them along to my grown kids and grandkids

  5. Susan Smith says

    Great tips! My kids have never had to move, that’s probably why we have so much stuff in the house. Moving is a great time to rid of stuff.

  6. Cynthia R says

    Those are great tips, I moved around a lot when I was a kid and I wish we had thought of those things especially the first open box idea.

  7. Tammy S says

    This are great tips. I really like that the kids can earn family fun prizes for helping to pack. Plus I agree about hiring help. It’s a must.

  8. Cynthia C says

    Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of underused and unwanted items. Donating is a great hint.

  9. Barbara Montag says

    I think it’s important for kids to be a part of the moving process.
    That’s what family is about.

  10. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love the ideas here because I can use them soon. We will be moving in the middle of august and kids have a tendency to not want to participate in helping. This can get them motivated to do so.

  11. meagan bs says

    these are really good tips! we finally moved into a more permanent home last year but before that we would move once a year and it was always tough on my daughter. these seems like good tips to make it easier.

  12. shaunie says

    #3 Donations. I usually forget about this option and usually just trash it… but now I will be remembering (will print this list).

  13. Betty Curran says

    If I had to move it would involve a marathon purge. I’ve been in the same place for over 20 years and have accumulated far too much. My adult children would be able to toss or donate the things I’m reluctant to part with.

  14. tina reynolds says

    Great tips. i have moved a lot in the past few years for hubbys job finally bought a house and hoping to plant some roots

  15. Jill Myrick says

    These are wonderful tips. The last time that we moved everyone helped to pack their belongings and each of my older children were responsible for unpacking and setting up their new rooms which to them is exciting.


  16. Sharon says

    Moving is hard and stressful for the whole family so I really loved tip #2. First Day Box! “Including special items needed to make the kid’s new rooms feel like theirs again.”

  17. Claudia says

    great tips ! especially #1 … I did not know they will even take over in the middle of chaos lol . I will def. keep that in mind when we move next year. thanks

  18. says

    Very useful article! Next summer we are going to move out of our small apartment because me and my husband, we bought a beautiful house. We have two kids and I think this article will help me a lot when we start packing.Thanks a lot!

  19. Christian Reese says

    Good read. I like your idea about giving kids a tasty treat for competing a task. I also like your idea about trying to involve them in the move as much as possible. I’ve read this advice on many other articles as well. I recently found a very interesting tip which I think will help your kids greatly. Give them some of the moving boxes after your move is over. kids love playing with boxes more than with any other toy. There are numerous tutorials on cardboard art on the internet so I think this idea is really good to help your youngsters adapt to their new room as much as possible.

    I got the idea form this awesome blog post on moving with children

  20. says

    Kids handle changes easily, so there isn’t much reason for anxiety. And, from my experience, they’re really eager to help with the move. They like more than anyone to get involved in a group activity and have a lot more fun than adults. That’s why I like seeing kids when moving house.

    Oscar Hyde
    works at Removals Brixton

  21. says

    Stick to your routines. Children under 8 are less attached to people, such as friends, but very attached to places and routines. For this reason, it’s important to stick to regular schedules as much as possible before, during and after the move.

  22. says

    I’ve just been through moving and believe me when I tell you – you want to include them! Remember, this will keep them occupied so you are not worried what are they are doing, besides it teaches them responsibilities, it’s a win-win! 😉

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