Baby’s Brilliant App & $100 Visa Gift Card #Giveaway

Jenny, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, shares a look into the Baby’s Brilliant App. We were compensated to write this post, however all opinions remain those of the writer.

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In a perfect world, we would have hours and hours to spend time creating educational and fun activities for our babies and toddlers. In reality, there are dishes and laundry to be done, as well as a myriad of other things.
When life gets hectic and you need your children to be entertained, yet also want their minds engaged and learning the Baby’s Brilliant App is the perfect solution.


The app features:

  • Movies: Full of everyday, common images from around the globe, the movies are accompanied by the music of famous composers that has been rerecorded soothing instruments. Most of the movies are narrated by children.
  • Music: a variety of classical recordings, inspirational, and popular children’s songs.
  • Night Lights: a combination of visuals and music designed to help your baby fall asleep. You can arrange the order of play, create a unique playlist, or loop your playlist up to 90 minutes!

In addition to entertaining your children at home, this app can be used on the go. The app is downloadable on iTunes and available for iPhones and iPads.

My daughter loved the inspirational songs.  After attempting to have her nap for about thirty minutes only to hear her climbing in and out of bed, talking, and jumping I put her in front of the app with some songs playing.  She instantly calmed and kept asking for more songs!  
It was wonderful.

Babys Brilliant

There are so many possibilities and uses for this app. It is even available in Spanish and Chinese.

Download the app, visit their website or blog, follow on Pinterest or twitter, or like them on Facebook!

You can watch these videos or visit their Youtube channel for more information!

Enter to Win

Thanks to Baby’s Brilliant, you have a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Use the entry form below and tell us “What do you use when you kids need to be entertained for a bit?”

Remember to visit and Download the app now for free.

Open to both US and Canada!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored.
Written by Jenny Nanninga, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor.


  1. Kelly D says

    We use computer games or tv shows when my kids need to be entertained, plus they have lots of toys.

  2. Sonya Morris says

    Oh I have a box full of tricks! We create art, make Zoku mini pops, read books, play on the computer, pop in a favorite DVD, pick flowers, or jam out with some favorite kid tunes.

  3. Amyc says

    TV shows, Kindle, coloring books, or drag out a toy from the bottom of the toy box that they haven’t seen in forever.

  4. Terra Heck says

    I let them play games on my iPad or get out the coloring books/doodle books and draw in them. Thanks.

  5. janetfaye says

    I use a wheeling cart that is full of craft supplies, so that we can make or color something.

  6. Nikki N says

    We put out a big tarp and use shaving cream to let the kids play with and draw things in. They love it!

  7. Stacey Roberson says

    I try to bring some books or educational toys, especially when we head to the restaurant. When he gets bored with those, I entertain him with a couple baby apps I’ve downloaded on my phone.

  8. ellen c says

    My children love math competitions. Who can answer the addition question first kind of thing. Thanks for the chance.

  9. debbie ritenour says

    My daughter gets out the Ipod and usually reads or plays a game or watches a movie, that helps keep her entertained.

  10. Natalie F says

    It depends. If we are out and about, I like the game “I Spy”. If we are at home, I usually don’t try to entertain/distract. Although I do try to help burn up energy with physical activities outside etc. I might facilitate some games, like red light/green light. Or I play my kids in soccer.

  11. Gina M says

    When my son needs to be entertained he likes to get on
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  12. claudia m says

    we like to play board games or bake cookies if the weather is bad. If its nice outside we love going to the lake or play mini golf .

  13. vickie couturier says

    I keep snacks and small toys in my purse at all time plus a pad of paper and a pen for drawing

  14. Hanna says

    The iPad for the worst situations! We also do a lot of art projects and head out for a hike to run off some energy!

  15. Hanna says

    The iPad for the worst situations (and long car rides). We also do a lot of art projects and head out for a hike to run off some energy!

  16. Hanna says

    We use the iPad when I really need a few minutes of quiet :). We also do lots of art projects and running around in the woods to use up extra energy!

  17. Cynthia R says

    If at home I turn on Daniel the tiger, if we are on the run, I let them watch something or play something on my phone.

  18. Stephanie V. says

    board games, work books, cards, learning shows like how’s it made and when all else fails – ipad!

  19. Tari Lawson says

    It really depends on where we are. At home I will take out craft supplies and let them go to town. If we are out, I will give them my phone so they can play apps or give them a book to read.

  20. Mary Cloud says

    The Kindle Fire or Netflix keeps them entertained for a little while
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  21. Suzanne K says

    I always had my ‘magic pink bag’ filled with activities and things my daughter didn’t see too often…

  22. Bailey Dexter says

    Right now the kids are at a great age for reading books and we have puppets for doing little plays!

  23. Rose Reeder says

    Weather permitting take them outside or we take them to parks. They have abundant supply of toys and if they don’t interest them, we let them get on a video on our computers.

  24. Kim Keithline says

    I use disney movies, some arts and crafts, coloring, or my ipad it has a lot of educational apps on it

  25. Karen T Gonyea says

    After I’ve gotten them ready for the day and I need 15 minutes to finish getting myself ready and all of us out the door !!

  26. Stephanie Douglas says

    I try to use sensory toys at home, but I do use my phone when we’re out and about and the kids need to be entertained for a bit.

  27. Amity J says

    Coloring and assorted crafts seems to be the popular thing around well as peanut butter playdough!

  28. Becky W says

    My toddler likes to be a helper and help me out – he helps with the laundry (loading the washer and dryer) with my help (of course). He stays by me and plays with his cars if he can’t help me do the big stuff I need to.

  29. Ceinwyn R says

    I’m guilty of using the TV and tablet but we don’t have cable which is nice because I’ll play an episode and when it’s done that’s it.

  30. says

    Variety was the key. If they really wanted to watch a new movie, I would wait to share with them until I needed some time to myself :) LOL Sometimes it would be a craft and sometimes it would be a new program for the computer. My kids weren’t little during cell phones apps :) LOL As far as my grandson, he is pretty much happy when I give him the pile of blocks to play with to build and destroy! LOL

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