#DIY Summer Bucket List

Writer, Sarah Normandie has an easy #DIY Summer Bucket List for you.

Looking for some fun, low cost ideas for the kids this summer? Want to keep a list of ideas on hand for those “I’m bored” days? A great way to stay organized and have some old fashioned fun is to create a summer bucket list.

summer bucket list

You can keep track of your summer bucket list with an actual summer bucket! Do this by having your child paint a recycled tin coffee can. Make a family list together of fun ideas and write your ideas on clothespins. Clip the clothespins to your bucket.

Now you have a handy go to for fun! Each time you do something, put the clothespin inside the bucket. The kids will love keeping track and looking back at all the fun they had!

Here are some quick easy ideas to inspire you to creating your own bucket list:

  1. Catch a frog (and let him go).
  2. Make Smores or Smore brownies. For Smore brownies, just melt marshmallows on top and sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs.
  3. Water Balloons! You can use Ziploc bags too!
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Stargaze.
  6. Catch a firefly.
  7. Do “Art on the Lawn” by painting an old sheet with sponge shapes or painting with feet.
  8. Make frozen paint pops by freezing tempura paint in ice cube trays with Popsicle sticks.
  9. Have a make your own banana split night.
  10. Interview an older person about what life was like when they were young.
  11. Have a rubber duck race.
  12. Family game night! Charades and Pictionary are always favorites.
  13. Make treasure maps and go on a treasure hunt in your backyard.
  14. Make a summer playlist.
  15. Go bowling.
  16. Make a music video.
  17. Go to a Drive In Movie Theatre.
  18. Watch old sitcoms on TV Land.
  19. Go to an outdoor concert.
  20. Make milk carton boats and race them in a kiddie pool.
  21. Camp inside. Tell stories in the dark with flashlights.
  22. Paint rocks for your very own “rock pet”.
  23. Play balloon Ping-Pong. Make rackets by taping a Popsicle sticks to paper plates. Bat a balloon around with your rackets.
  24. Bubble Pond! Pour bubble solution into a kiddie pool. Gather several bubble wands and have a bubble party!
  25. Make homemade jam.

There are so many things you can do. As you can see, your list can be simple activities that require little or no cost. The only rule is to have fun! Enjoy!

More Summer Fun

Looking for more Summer Fun ideas? Check out 5 Minutes for Mom’s Summer Fun board on Pinterest:



  1. Patrick says

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  2. Katie says

    What a great idea!! I am going to keep this in mind in a couple of years when my baby is old enough to do these things :)

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