Results of the National Food Coloring Survey

In a previous post, 5 Minutes for Moms readers were invited to let their voices be heard in a national survey being conducted among 1,000 American mothers. Participants were able to share about their shopping habits and voice their concerns about the nutritional and additive content of their purchases.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey:

  • 63 percent of moms read food labels always or most of the time before purchasing a food product
  • Compared to 10 years ago, 57 percent of moms are more likely to purchase foods containing naturally derived ingredients. (19 percent are just as likely, 1 percent are less likely, and 23 percent are unsure.)
  • 71 percent of moms would pay more for a product that substitutes naturally derived colors for synthetic ones.
  • 84 percent of moms feel better knowing their food contains naturally derived ingredients; 81 percent feel safer when their kids eat food containing naturally derived ingredients.
  • 83 percent of moms wish U.S. food companies would offer more naturally derived options for their foods.
  • 72 percent of moms are more likely to purchase a food product containing naturally derived colors, even if it is less colorful than a similar product containing synthetic colors.

Clearly the times are changing and today’s moms are more concerned than ever about what their kids are eating. As we continue to voice our concerns and discuss our shopping habits on social media, hopefully more food companies will listen and start offering more natural options for our families.

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