The Whittington Family: Ryland’s Story – Watch this Video and See Love

When I watched the video below, I literally choked back tears. I could feel a mother and father’s truly unconditional love for their child and their courage to support him while spreading understanding and compassion to the world.

People often criticize parents for sharing their children’s stories online and I can understand that fear. I am aware of what I share online and I keep some parts of our lives private.

But it’s important to understand the reason why a particular story is told. This family is sacrificing their personal privacy so that other people can learn, understand and hopefully accept.

Even if you do not think you’d make the same decision as the Whittingtons, I hope you can see why they’ve made these choices… out of love for their child and for others.

Rylands Story is About Love

This video shows love!

I don’t think that fact can be disputed.

A Facebook post sharing the video has received thousands of views and comments. Most comments are kind and supportive, but sadly some are hurtful and judgemental. (The YouTube video has ratings and comments disabled.)

People fear and often judge what they don’t understand. That’s part of our human nature. The Whittingtons made this video to help people understand so they can move past fear and judgement.

If you watch this video and feel the love of these parents, please share positive words and reflect love back to this courageous family.

Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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    The Whittingtons are the epitome of GREAT parenting. Life for Ryland won’t always be smooth. Especially as he reaches his tweens/teens. But the unwavering support of his parents will help him through.

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    Well, now that brought out the tears! What an awesome story! I just want to hug those parents and that sweet little boy! Thank you so much for helping them share this!

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