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We are traveling with our kids this summer but want to pack light, what are some ways to minimize bulk while traveling with two young kids (ages 1 & 5)?

~Becca, Wyoming


First off, I want to commend you on hitting the road with two little ones. While some people with young children avoid travel altogether, I still think that the gift of travel is one of the best gifts that parents can give their kids.  That being said, here are some ways to lighten the load and keep some baby gear behind the next time that you travel with your kids.


Strollers, car seats, play yards and other baby gear are the biggest inconveniences when it comes to traveling with young children. If you will be checking into a hotel, call ahead and ask if they offer any baby items at the hotel. At minimum, most hotels keep baby cots and/or cribs for guest use. If you plan on using this option, call ahead because there may be a fee.

On a recent stay at the Generations Riviera Maya Mexico, strollers, baby monitors, cribs, high chairs and even baby food was provided for guest use at no additional cost. This brings me to another point, there are several hotel options available no matter what your preferences are. Make sure the hotel you select is family friendly and a good fit for your family.


If vacationing where you have family and friends, ask around and see if someone has a car seat/stroller etc. that you can borrow during your stay. The added convenience is worth the effort.

Smart  Gear

Infant carriers like ErgoBaby are a great option for parents that don’t want to bring their strollers and can even accommodate children up to 45 pounds. On the latter, products like Ride On on Carry On, can change a suitcase into a make shift stroller. There are lots of great products out there. You just have to look.

Rental Car Agency

If you are renting a car during your vacation, consider renting your car seats from the agency too. It’s super easy, convenient and it makes so much sense. Reserve the car seat while reserving the rental car and keep those car seats at home.

These tips will make it easier for you and your family to travel light , smart and help minimize stress during your vacation.

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  1. patrick says

    Hi, my name is Patrick, and I am a student at camp bizsmart. I’m setting up a survey for one of our products. I just need to know: How many moms would pay 60 dollars for a product that would effectively light up the wheels of strollers so that cars would see the stroller before its too late?

  2. Jessica says

    I don’t recommend ever using a car seat besides your own. Rental seats Stent guaranteed to be there when you need them and they’re often expired, recalled, been in an accident (not supposed to use after an accident), or soiled from potty accidents. This is not a safe practice.

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