Malory Band Aids Weight Loss #sponsored

Jennifer D. was provided with a Malory Band to aid her in writing this post. We received compensation, but our reviewer’s opinions are her own.

Malory Band

With summer practically here, at least here in Texas — we just had our first swim party in my backyard —  I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping to shed the pounds that inevitably creep on during the more sedentary months. I had been exercising more, but our spring schedule is so busy with end-of-year school activities so sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow time for that. With extra social events on the calendar, it’s a challenge not to overeat as well.

When I was given the chance to try out the Malory Band, I liked the idea of it. The Malory Band is a soft braided polyester cord that you wear around your waist. You know how you sometimes eat so much that your pants get tight, reminding you to put the fork down? That’s the idea behind this product. The gentle pressure around my waist reminds me to eat only what I need. Putting it on each day is also a reminder when the inches begin to creep back on.

Most medical professionals agree that waist size is a good indicator of overall health. Even if one is relatively slim, if their waist is proportionally large, they could be storing too much fat in that area.

There are notches on the cord, so I marked with ink where I started out so that when my waist shrinks, I’ll have proof of my weight loss. If on the other hand it gets too tight on the current notch, I’ll know I’m going in the wrong direction.

You can order the Malory Band online. It’s based in the UK, but it can ship worldwide. Find out more on their website.

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