The Search for WondLa #Audiobook Series for Kids, read by Teri Hatcher #Giveaway

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battle for Wondla

The Search for WondLa is a 3-book series by Tony DiTerlizzi (author of The Spiderwick Chronicles). A Hero for WondLa is the finale in the trilogy and has just been published and released on audiobook.

I haven’t listened to more than just a sample of the audiobooks, but I actually have had a copy of the first book on my shelf since it first came out, so I finally started reading it aloud with my 10-year-old son. We’re almost finished, and we’re hooked!

DiTerlizzi creates a magical and imaginative world that will appeal to 4th graders and up. It is sort of a combination of Star Wars (with the mythical creatures and worlds) and some of the futuristic dystopian works that are so popular with teens now. Eva Nine has lived all alone in a subterranean sanctuary, being raised by a robot Multi-Utility Task Help Robot (Muthr). When their sanctuary is attacked, Eva sets off alone, meeting all sorts of interesting lifeforms, some helpful and some dangerous.

We’re 2/3 through the first one and there many questions left unanswered, so we’ll definitely be listening to the audio versions that we were sent copies of. Audiobooks are great for family road trips or simply driving around from one activity to another, or even listening at home while doing household chores or during mealtimes.

Teri Hatcher on the WondLa series

Visit the Simon & Schuster page to read the first chapter and watch a video about it.

Win the whole series

You can win a set of all 3 audiobook CDs: The Search for WondLa, The Battle for WondLa and the finale A Hero for WondLa.

Follow the instructions it the widget to earn one or more entries. Start off by telling me “When do you listen to audiobooks with your kids? Or when do they listen? Or when would you like to try?”


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  2. says

    We’ve only listened to audiobooks a couple times, with storybooks, so this would be a neat thing to try. I can imagine the kids, and I, really getting into them!

  3. anne says

    I listen to audiobooks when I am doing housework which is endless and boring. The kids do in the car and sometimes on days that are inclement.

  4. Kathleen Trail says

    We’ve just started listening to audiobooks as a family & they’re perfect for longer car rides or even just extended errands. May start introducing them into our nighttime reading routine soon!

  5. Cindy says

    We have listened to audio books in the car and at night before bed. We homeschool and I would like to work Tony’s books into our literature assignments for all 3 of my children although my daughter has already read 2 of his Wondla books. Thanks for a great giveaway. 😀

  6. Ben says

    I’d love to start listening to books with my son in the car. He loves books and it never seems like we have enough time to read.

  7. Matt says

    Me and the kids listen to audiobooks in the car while going multiple places. This will be an excellent one to put on during the long road trips

  8. says

    I listen to audiobooks when I’m working. It provides an excellent way to lose yourself in a story while still getting work done. I also listen with my nephews while we draw. It often provides a jumping off point for imagining new things.

  9. DC says

    Kids are all grown up, but audiobooks in the car or planes are great.
    It also helps if the child gets car-sick reading.

  10. Nichole says

    We have always enjoyed audiobooks on road trips in the car. The whole family enjoys listening to the stories together.

  11. says

    We listen to audiobooks on longer road trips. My middle-schooler also likes to listen to them in his room when he’s bored. These would make great books for them to listen to during summer break when its too hot to play outside.

  12. marianne says

    We listen to audio books in the car on trips. But we havent had anything to listen to lately. I think my boys would like it but they wont read the books due to the girl main char.

  13. YvonneJ says

    I work in a library and I encourage parents and children to try out audiobooks. The children especially enjoy the Playaways that we have available for checkout. Playaways are all-in-one audiobook devices that come preloaded with audiobooks….here is a link so that you can see what they look like:

  14. Claudia says

    I love listening to audiobooks , because I can do other things while I listened to a good book,

  15. says

    My husband and I listen to audio books all the time–while working, riding or traveling. Some of our grown children do as well. I would like to get the grandchildren hooked on books this way.

  16. Linda Townsend says

    I listen when I work out, drive, garden, cook, shower, get ready to go to work… sometimes for a bit as I go to bed. I’m hooked!

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