Tackle It Tuesday – I’m A Daisy Troop Leader

headshot1Hi everyone. It’s Erica here, handling this week’s Tackle It Tuesday duties.

Over the summer, I called our local Girl Scouts office to inquire about having my 5-year-old daughter, Audrey, join the Girl Scouts. I was never a Girl Scout growing up, but I had always wanted to be.

As a child, I was very busy with several dance classes, choirs and performance troops, so sadly there just wasn’t room for Girl Scouts.

But for my daughter, Girl Scouts is perfect! She isn’t currently committed to any other activities. She loves crafts and absolutely adores the outdoors. I love how service oriented it is. But when I called to sign Audrey up, I was told that her school didn’t have a troop.

So I did what any mom, who REALLY wants her daughter in Girl Scouts, would do — I signed up to lead a troop. I am now the proud leader of Daisy Troop 2186!

The past couple of months have been a little bit busier as I have had to attend training classes. There has been a lot to learn and a lot to take on. At the end of September, I held a Parents Meeting and was delighted when I had 14 girls sign up.

On October 3rd, we had our first meeting and it was such a blast. My girls are great and all of the moms have offered to help in some capacity, which is wonderful! I am so excited for this upcoming year and already have some really fun things in store for the girls.

Our troop’s next meeting is this upcoming Saturday, so tonight I have been tackling The Kaper Chart. Thanks to Google, I found plenty of examples, and used those to come up with a chart that is perfect for my troop. Isn’t it cute?!!?!?


I am sorry that the picture is blurry. The chart is so very big, it was hard to get a good shot of it.

The Kaper Chart lists all of the jobs to be done during a meeting. I then rotate tunics around the board, assigning a job to each girl.

109_2233-1Each girl has a tunic, which I labeled, laminated and then glued to a mini clothespin. Thanks to the clothespin, it is easy to move the tunic around the board. For this post, I am only showing my daughter’s tunic, as opposed to showing the chart with all of the tunics displayed, because I want to respect the privacy of my girls. But just imagine 14 tunics placed all around the chart.

I can’t wait to show my troop the finished Kaper Chart on Saturday. I hope they like it.

I’d love to hear from any of you ladies who were in the Girl Scouts. What are your fondest memories? I’d also love to hear if any of you are troop leaders or co-leaders.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing editor Erica

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  1. says

    How fun! I am co-leading my daughter’s new Daisy troop too!! It is so much fun. We have been through the training and check out the Daisy Cupcakes I made for our first meeting:-) Our next meeting we are doing a dress-up tea party. The girls are very excited and I am too:-) I would love to exchange ideas. Email me at sewing@wi.rr.com:-)

  2. says

    My daughter was in Girl Scouts and I co -leader for two years before we moved. We tried signing up here but the town is so small nobody ever got a troup together.

  3. says

    What fun! I have boys, and they were in 4-H instead of Scouts. My post today is giving from your heart, exactly what you are doing by being a leader. That’s great!
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. says

    Cute chart! I was in girl scouts and loved it. I even tried cadets but my new troop was focussed on planning to have fun rather than actually having fun. And we were forced to do a makeup badge (I was something of a tomboy). Two decades later I still don’t wear makeup as a direct result.. So skip the makeup badges is my advice :)

  5. says

    My husband is a new Cub Master for my son’s cub scout troop. I co-led his den a few years back which was totally fun. We had four first graders doing all sorts of activities. We made animal masks for Safari month. Visited pumpkin patches and went on hayrides for Octoberfest. Went camping, shot bb guns, and so much more. It was a blast. Now hubby isn’t traveling like he did before, he gets to do all the planning and fun stuff!

    One piece of advice: Use the internet and your printer! It literally saved my life when it came to planning fun activities for the kids. Between research for a theme, scouting locations for field trips, printing newsletters, to finding creative activities for the girls-it will be your greatest asset!!!

    Good luck!!!!

  6. says

    I was in girl scouts from 1st grade all the way to 12th. I recieved the silver and gold awards. I loved it, did so many great things, made long lasting friendships, etc. When I have a little girl I want her to be a girl scout too.

  7. Katie says

    Oh my gosh, all I can do is sit here and laugh. I was a girl scout from about the 3rd grade all the way up through high school and loved it. The reason I’m laughing is your quiet leader image. We were well taught the saying, “When the hand goes up, the mouth goes shut.” I remember learning it at different events and then teaching it to brownies when I was a day camp junior leader.

  8. says

    My daughter started as a brownie and worked her way to juniors. When the main leader had to move out of the state, I stepped up to fill her shoes.
    This was a great way to spend time with my daughter and we got to do many wonderful things together.
    Now I have the task of scrapbooking all those great memories.
    Wishing you a picture perfect day!

  9. Anna says

    I too was the only person to really want her daughter to experience Girl Scouts, so I became the troop leader. We started with Daisy and progressed to first year Juniors. The girls from the troop have just graduated from college. It has been very heart warming to watch them grow into wonderful women. We had many great times together.

  10. says

    LOL I have called 3 times since my daughter became old enough to be in Girl Scouts here and NOBODY in our city has ever called me back! Nice huh? I also hardly ever see them do anything around our city so I think they’re really uninvolved around here which is sad. I don’t remember it being like that when I was little. I never thought to be a troop leader though, maybe they just need more people willing to be involved. I think it’s great that you have such a great group and they’re so lucky to have you. :)

    I loved Girl Scouts when I was little. My favorite Girl Scout memory was when we had a camp out and slept in tents at the park and learned safety and survival tips and learned first aid.

  11. says

    What a great kaper chart! Daisies are so much fun! I lead both of my daughter’s troops. One is in the 10th grade so this is our 11th year in GS’ing and the other is in 8th grade so it’s our 9th year. We are still going strong! I’m also our area service unit manager. I guess they failed to tell you once they hooked you, you most likely would become a “lifer”? LOL! Enjoy Scouting!


  12. Laura - Creative Triplet Mom says

    I was a girl scout when I was little. I remember doing various things to earn badges and lots of arts and crafts.

    Funny thing is this past week my daughters went to the daisies orientation and there was only one troop which met at 1:30 which is impossible for my girls since they are in school at that time. So here I am raising my hand to become a leader. I just filled out my paperwork and am sending it in the mail tomorrow.

    Looking forward to sharing some ideas.

  13. says

    I loved Girl Scouts. I guess the one thing that comes to mind first is that my Brownie leader had a video camera, now not such a big deal, but back then the were pretty rare. You know the gigantic cameras that perched on your shoulder. Anyway, she had three adult daughters that helped with the troop and one of them was always videoing our troop events. I still have the old VHS tape of my Brownie events and it’s pretty fun to pop it in and remember the good times. If you have a video camera you should record the special events and then give each girl a copy at the end of the year.

  14. Jennifer Call says

    I have signed up to be a co-leader, but am having a tough time finding the training I need. Where did you get your training and how did you find it?

  15. Sandy says

    Wow!! I love your Kaper chart!! Love the tunic idea!! I just this week got approval from my daughters ultra conservative school to start a troop!! woohoo! waiting on a training date.
    I am shaking in my boots but am so excited too!
    Hope you had a wonderful year with your troop!!!

  16. Annette says

    Hey – I’m a little behind here – a few years behind actually – I was given the link to your website – I am starting a troop in a very small town, so not only do I have Daisies, but I also have Brownies AND Juniors AND Cadets – hopefully the older ones, too but definately those 4… I’m not sure if I’m crazy or courageous :)

    How is your chart working out? Where did you get the cute little pictures?

  17. Leah says

    Your story is 100% the same as mine. I never did scouts but thought my 5 yr old would love it so I called the local girl scouts office and they didn’t have a troop for her school, so I ended up colunteering to be a troop leader and start a troop. Ever since then it’s been hectic crazy getting ready for our first meeting, I have a list of 20 girls who are interested, but unsure how many will show up for our first meeting, which is this Saturday. WIsh us luck! It’s Halloween themed! :-)


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